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Saramonic BMCC-A01 Two-Channel XLR Audio Adapter

SARAMONIC The Saramonic BMCC-A01 is a two-channel XLR audio adapter, specially designed for Blackmag..

Rp. 1,629,840

Saramonic Bundle For DSLR And Mirrolles Cameras with Premium Mixer

This Value Bundle Includes2 Sets of the Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless 4-Channel VHF Lavalier Omnid..

Call For Price

Saramonic Bundle For DSLR And Mirrolles Cameras with Standard Mixer

Bundle Items 1 & 2 (2 SETS) - Saramonic SR-WM4C Wireless 4-Channel VHF Lavalier Omnidirectional..

Rp. 2,850,000

Saramonic GoMic Profesional Stereo Ball Microphone for GoPro HERO3, HERO3 + and HERO4

GoMic is a professional stereo microphone for use with GoPro® Hero4, Hero3+, Hero3 cameras.GoMic is ..

Rp. 470,000

Saramonic HU9 96-Channel Digital UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone

·         Reliable, broadcast-quality audio·  &n..

Rp. 2,037,300

Saramonic MixMic Shotgun Microphone with Audio Adapter

The Saramonic MixMic adapter and microphone kit includes a combined SR-NV5 shotgun microph..

Rp. 3,050,000

Saramonic SmartMic

Saramonic SmartMic is professional microphone specially designed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Works..

Rp. 271,640

Saramonic SmartMixer 2-Channel Audio Mixer for Smartphone

The Saramonic Smart Mixer is a compact and lightweight audio interface with phantom power and amplif..

Rp. 1,970,000

Saramonic SmartRig - XLR Microphone

Product DescriptionThe SmartRig from Saramonic is an easy solution to connect any professional micro..

Rp. 312,386

Saramonic SmartRig+ 2 Channel XLR/3.5mm Microphone Audio Mixer

The Saramonic SmartRig+ is a portable microphone/guitar interface for recording professional quality..

Rp. 1,358,200

Saramonic SR-AX100 Universal Audio Adapter

Two-channel audio adapter ideal for shooting videos with any DSLR or camcorder that has a standard m..

Rp. 679,100

Saramonic SR-AX101 Universal Audio Adapter with Dual XLR Inputs

The SARAMONIC SR-AX101 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter ideal for any compact camcorder with a built..

Rp. 1,086,560

Saramonic SR-AX104 2 Channel XLR Audio Adapter

The SARAMONIC SR-AX104 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter with preamplifiers and phantom power, ideal ..

Rp. 1,901,480

Saramonic SR-AX107 2 Channel Transformer XLR Audio Adapter

The SARAMONIC SR-AX107 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter with preamplifiers and phantom power, ideal ..

Rp. 2,716,400

Saramonic SR-GMX1

Now you can pair your unbelievable GoPro footage with extreme, high-quality audio.The SR-GMX1&n..

Rp. 543,280

Saramonic SR-LMX1 Lavalier Microphone for Smartphones

Saramonic SR-LMX1 is a lavalier microphone for iOS and Android devices.Clip-on Mic for iPhone and An..

Rp. 543,280

Saramonic SR-PAX2 Universal Audio Adapter

The SARAMONIC SR-PAX2 is a two-channel active audio mixer with preamplifier and phantom power, speci..

Rp. 2,173,120

Saramonic SR-TM1 Shotgun Microphone

Cardioid broadcast sound quality1400 mAh internal rechargeable lithium battery with battery indicato..

Rp. 2,716,400

Saramonic SR-WM4C

The SRWM4C1 Saramonic WM4C Wireless 4-Channel VHF Lavalier Microphone System from In..

Rp. 1,222,380

Saramonic TX-XLR9 Plug-on XLR Transmitter for the UWMIC9

·         Allows you to connect any XLR microphone to the ..

Rp. 2,037,300