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Panasonic Compact Camera Head for Memory Card Portable

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Records up to UHD at 29.97/..

Rp. 26,553,450

Panasonic HC-V130GA-K Full HD Camcorder

SENSOR SECTIONMAIN SENSORImage Sensor1/5.8" BSI MOS SensorTotal Pixels2.51 megapixelsEffective Pixel..

Rp. 2,450,000

Panasonic HC-V160 Full HD Camcorder

The HC-V160 Full HD Camcorder from Panasonic makes it easy to capture your subje..

Rp. 2,249,000

Panasonic HC-V210 Full HD Camcorder

The Panasonic HC-V210 is a budget HD camcorder with more manual features than you might expect for t..

Rp. 2,740,000

Panasonic HC-V230GC-K Full HD Camcorder

Product DescriptionPowerful 90x Zooming in a Compact BodyLight weight and compact size for extra por..

Rp. 3,040,000

Panasonic HC-V250GC-K WiFi Full HD Camcorder

Product DescriptionPowerful 90x Zooming in a Compact BodyLight weight and compact size for extra por..

Rp. 3,550,000

Panasonic HC-V270 Full HD Camcorder

The HC-V270 Full HD Camcorder from Panasonic features Full HD 1920 x 1080 record..

Rp. 3,799,000

Panasonic HC-V380GC-K Full HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 950.000)

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         1080p Video at 60 fps· &..

Rp. 4,099,000

Panasonic HC-V385 Full HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 200.000)

Optical Sensor Size and Type 1/5.8" BSI MOS Sensor  Opti..

Rp. 4,069,000

Panasonic HC-V770GC-K Full HD Camcorder

By pairing the PAL HC-V770GC-K Full HD Camcorder from Panasonic with your smartp..

Rp. 9,999,000

Panasonic HC-V785GC-K Full HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 500.000)

Sporting a backside-illuminated 1/ 2.3 inch image sensor, the new Panasonic V785 will produce high-q..

Rp. 10,249,000

Panasonic HC-VX870 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

Not only can you capture Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) with the HC-VX870 4K Ultra HD Camcorderfrom&..

Rp. 12,900,000

Panasonic HC-VX980GC-K 4K Full HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 2.000.000)

Video qualityFortunately, shooting more traditional video from the HC-VX980’s 1/2.3in BSI MOS, 18.9..

Rp. 13,200,000

Panasonic HC-VX985GC-K 4K Full HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 650.000)

PRODUCT INFO·         4K Video Recording / 4K Photo Mode·&n..

Rp. 13,199,000

Panasonic HC-W570 HD Camcorder

Featuring a second camera attached to the edge of its articulated screen, the Panasonic HC-W570..

Rp. 6,099,000

Panasonic HC-W580 HD Camcorder (Cashback Rp 1.250.000)

The Panasonic W580 Full HD 1080p handheld camcorder brings the joy of video creation to life with ..

Rp. 6,049,000

Panasonic HC-W850GC-K WiFi Full HD Camcorder

The Panasonic HC-W850 Twin Camera Full HD Camcorder is a Full HD camcorder that features a..

Rp. 10,950,000

Panasonic HC-WX970 4K Ultra-HD Camcorder

Record 4K picture-in-picture video with the Panasonic HC-WX970 4K Ultra-HD Camcorder. This camc..

Rp. 16,599,000