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Attanta Monopod SMP 07

Panjang minimal = 30cmPanjang maksimal = 90cmGoPro Mount untuk MonopodHolder Uni..

Rp. 125,000

Attanta Monopod SMP 08

Attanta Monopod SMP 08Mengabadikan setiap momen memang disukai banyak orang. Setiap momen special ya..

Rp. 140,000

Attanta Monopod SMP 09

ATTanta Monopod SMP-09ATTANTA SMP-09 is mini monopod by ATTANTA. ATTANTA SMP-09 has 4 sections ..

Rp. 150,000

E-Image MA-80 (MA50+El01H) Aluminium Monopod

E-IMAGE MA-80 (MA50+EI01H) Aluminum Monopod The E-Image new series monopod is a pretty portab..

Rp. 1,800,000

Gold Photo YH-304

GoldPhoto YH-304 Mono Pod Gold Photo quality monopod.4 section Min Height 51cm Max Height 154cm Weig..

Rp. 400,000

GP188 Monopole with mobile bracket and tripod

·         Min. Length: 42.5cm·    &..

Rp. 180,000

Quik Pod DSLR

Spesification :Hand stand with telescopic slide out and Monopod (one-legged stand) in one, for camer..

Rp. 715,000

Quik Pod Pro

Spesification :The world's first handheld extendable tripod is here! The Pro works with point and sh..

Rp. 435,000

Tongsis Monopod for Camera & Smartphone

Specification Weight130 gMax load500gfolded Length22cmMaximum Height110cm..

Rp. 50,000

Tongsis Monopod Jmary QP-128 with Holder Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Back holder stick can be rotated 360 degree and easy to be adjusted any convenient angle you wantPut..

Rp. 150,000

Tongsis Monopod with Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter

Feature:1. Bluetooth 3.0, effective range 10m2. Compatile for iOS and Android Smartphone & Pads3..

Rp. 270,000

Tongsis Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod Z07 - 5

1. This wireless mobile phone monopod is based on the HID communication technology and suit for iPho..

Rp. 150,000