Sony 32GB SxS SBS-32 for XDCAM EX

Sony 32GB SxS SBS-32 for XDCAM EX

Lifetime Indicator

Lifetime indicator displays on camcorder (SxS-1 only)
The remaining media rewrite cycle is displayed in the viewfinder of XDCAM™/XDCAM EX™ camcorders and a notification will be shown when SxS-1 memory card is approaching its end-of-life. This function does not support consumer cards.

 Only when using PMW-E1R, PMW-320, PMW-330, PMW-350 or PMW-500. (When recorded at full capacity one time per day, SxS-1 will continue to use for approximately five years.)

Compact Size

The SxS-1 Memory Card specification uses ExpressCard™/34 modules (width: 34mm, height: 5mm, depth: 75mm), half the size of PC Cards. This enables the design of professional camcorders to be smaller and lighter, while still offering high storage capacities.

High Reliability

Salvage function for XDCAM™/XDCAM EX™ Camcorder 
A unique salvage function serves to restore content lost due to power failure or memory disconnection during recording. In addition, SxS-1 Memory Card specifies product reliabilities offering the freedom to shoot in harsh conditions and environments. Consumer cards do not support this function.

Note: No guarantee is given for content restoration.

Recording Time
File SystemMode SettingSBS-64G1ASBS-32G1A
FAT HQ (35Mbps)Approx. 200minApprox. 100min
XDCAM/SP (25Mbps)Approx. 280minApprox. 140min
XDCAM EXDVCAM (25Mbps)Approx. 260minApprox. 130min
UDFHD422 (50Mbps)Approx. 120 minApprox. 60 min
XDCAMHD420 (35Mbps)Approx. 180 minApprox. 90 min
 IMX50 (50Mbps)Approx. 120 minApprox. 60 min
 DVCAM (25Mbps)Approx. 220 minApprox. 110 min
Warranty Non Warranty

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