Lensa Tambahan Sony

Lensa Tambahan Sony

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Sony VCL HG1737C

The Sony VCL HG1737C tele conversion lens is compatible with HD as well as higher-specification stan..

Rp. 1,925,000

Sony VCL-0625s

The Sony VCL-0625S Wide-angle lens screws into the front of the camcorders zoom lens to provide an e..

Rp. 639,000

Sony VCL-2030x

The Sony VCL-2030X Telephoto converter Lens Brings distant subjects closer. Designed for u..

Rp. 1,029,000

Sony VCL-DH0758

x0.7 wide-angle conversion lensNo color aberration and no distortionHigh-performance lens of 3 group..

Rp. 1,400,000

Sony VCL-DH1758

The VCL-DH1758 telephoto conversion lens helps close the distance between you and your subject. Its ..

Rp. 1,420,000

Sony VCL-HA06

Model ID VCLHA06.AE / Sony VCL HA06 - Converter / The VCL-HA06 conversion lens from Sony helps you b..

Rp. 820,000

Sony VCL-HG0730x

The Sony VCL-HG0730X High Grade Wide-angle Lens adapter adds to your camcorders zoom lens ..

Rp. 1,620,000

Sony VCL-HG0737x

Broaden your field of view with this high-grade lens that sports a 0.7X wide-angle converter lens (C..

Rp. 2,350,000

Sony VCL-HG0872K Wide Conversion Lens Kit

·         For Sony HVR-Z5U·    &nbs..

Rp. 6,900,000

Sony VCL-HG2037x

Compatible with : CCD-TRV230E, CCD-TRV438E, DCR-TRV285E, DCR-TRV480E, HDR-HC1E, CCD-TRV228E, CCD-TRV..

Rp. 1,580,000

Sony VCL-M3358

The VCL-M3358 lens features a unique design that allows maximum creativity in extreme close up photo..

Rp. 660,000


Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country.Factor: 0.7xReco..

Rp. 1,360,000

Sony VCL-ST30

The VCL-ST30 provides a 3.0X maximum magnification for your camcorder, allowing you to get closer th..

Rp. 1,020,000

Sony VCL-TW25

The VCL-TW25 is a twin conversion lens that works as both a 2.0x telephoto lens and a 0.7x wide angl..

Rp. 619,000