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Sony ICD-AX412F 2GB AX Series (Silver)

Learn new languages with ICD-AX412F digital voice recorder. With both digital pitch control and A-B ..

Rp. 999,000

Sony ICD-BX140 Digital Voice Recorder 4GB

Product DescriptionThe ICD-BX140 4GB MP3 Digital Voice IC Recorder from Sony all..

Rp. 449,000

Sony ICD-PX240 Voice Recorder 4GB

ICD-PX240 Digital Voice Recorder with MP3 recording and playback, 300mW speaker, and 4GB storageMP3 ..

Rp. 675,000

Sony ICD-PX333 Digital Voice Recorder

Spesification :The Sony ICD-PX333 Digital Flash Voice Recorder has 4GB of internal flash m..

Rp. 700,000

Sony ICD-PX470 Digital Voice Recorder

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSRecord in Linear PCM (WAV) & MP3 FormatsInternal 4GB Memory & microSD Expa..

Rp. 950,000

Sony ICD-SX2000B Digital Voice Recorder with Bluetooth remote

The Way The Artists Truly IntendedEnjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound in higher than ..

Rp. 3,500,000

Sony ICD-TX650 Slim Digital Voice Recorder


Rp. 1,990,000

Sony ICD-UX532s Capacity 2GB

Stereo mic and headphones, USB, MP3 recording, MP3/WMA/AAC playback, 2GB, memory card slotHigh sensi..

Rp. 1,100,000

Sony ICD-UX533F 4GB UX Series Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-UX533F 4GB UX Series Digital Voice Recorder Sony’s new ICD-UX533F is perfect for recor..

Rp. 1,299,000

Sony ICD-UX534F Capacity 8GB

ICD-UX534F 3-in-1 stereo voice recorder, music player and USBOne device records voice, plays mu..

Rp. 1,300,000

Sony ICD-UX543F 4GB UX Series Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-UX543F 4GB UXFeatures :4GB Internal Storage with Expandable microSD SlotDirect USB (Slide, ..

Rp. 1,699,000

Sony ICD-UX560F 4GB UX Series Digital Voice Recorder

Capture all your meetings, lectures and radio broadcasts in clear, high quality audio with the thin ..

Rp. 1,999,000