Datavideo VS-100 Video Scope

Datavideo VS-100 Video Scope

The DataVideo VS-100 Sampling Video Scope is a video signal evaluation tool in a rugged aluminum housing with one SD/HD-SDI input and both an SD/HD-SDI and HDMI output. The VS-100 can be used to ensure a video signal is within proper specs or when trying to match the output of two or more cameras. The VS-100 auto detects and locks to NTSC, PAL or HD signals, which means one less setting you have to worry about. Regardless of input format, the VS-100 displays all video scope views as 1280 x 720. The VS-100 connects to available monitors via SDI or HDMI and features four different signal displays/scope views.

These views are; Vectorscope, Histogram, Waveform monitor and Parade, and you can use these views to evaluate and compare video signals. The VS-100 features trace memory, which allows it to store a signal trace and then display that over the trace of a live signal. Available video correction units can then be used to adjust the video signals based on the display from the VS-100. All views are available via the HDMI and SDI outputs on the VS-100, additionally the SDI output can be set to loop through the input video providing a clean signal for downstream equipment.

The VS-100 is a menu-driven unit, with a rotary push knob that allows you to navigate and make your selections. The VS-100 comes with a built-in stereo mini jack for headphones, and you can select to monitor levels for two out of the eight available audio channels displayed on the scope views. Powered by 12 Volts DC, and featuring a sturdy aluminum enclosure with non-slip rubber skids and an anchor plate under the HDMI port for available cable ties, the VS-100 is ready for day-in and day-out use in the field or the studio.

Input Video

The VS-100 supports NTSC, PAL, and the following HD video signals
1920 x 1080i, 50/60 Hz
1280 x 720p 50/60Hz
720 x 480 30p
720 x 576 25p
Auto detect and lock to supported video signals

Video Scope Views

Available via the SD/HD-SDI output and the HDMI output
Video Scope views are always 1280 x 720
Sampling is selectable between be Field 1, Field 2 or Frame
Switchable 4:3/16:9 thumbnail display of video
Waveform Monitor
Displays the luminance of the video signal as a waveform
Waveform detail can be zoomed 33%, 50% 67% and 100%
Trace memory function, allows you to save a tracing of one input signal and compare it to a live signal
Parade displays the video signal as chroma/color in three side by side columns
Selectable between RGB and YCbCr values
Trace memory function, allows you to save a tracing of one input signal and compare it to a live signal
The Vectorscope displays the color components of the video signal
The Vectorscope can be toggled between 75% and 100% graticules/bars
Trace memory function, allows you to save a tracing of one input signal and compare it to a live signal
Histogram The VS-100 can also display the video signal as a histogram
The Histogram cannot be saved using the trace memory function


The VS-100 allows you to monitor the first eight embedded audio channels of the SDI signal
Monitor audio via headphone jack
Visually monitor two audio channels at a time, available on each scope view
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