Monopod , Giottos

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Giottos MM5570 Aluminium Monopod

It's made of solid and sturdy aluminum alloy. The surfaces are carefully polished twice to give its ..

Rp. 950,000

Giottos MM9550 Aluminium Monopod

GIOTTOS MM9550 MonopodTwo way headMovable tipLocation shoeUse of a monopod is highly recommended for..

Rp. 680,000

Giottos MM9570 Monopod 2 Way Tilt Head

The extremely versatile MM 9570 Monopod is ideal for photographers on the move. Made from robust alu..

Rp. 750,000

Giottos MM9750 Aluminium Monopod

The new series have professional performance, features and looks. The MM 9700 series has rock-solid ..

Rp. 410,000

Giottos MML3260B Aluminium Monopod

The Giottos MML3260B Aluminium Monopod weighs only 0.5kg and features rapid action extension lo..

Rp. 550,000

Giottos MML3270 Aluminium Monopod

Giottos MML 3270B Aluminium MonopodThe Giottos MML3270B Aluminium monopod is designed to help you ca..

Rp. 580,000

Giottos MV815 Light-duty Monopod

With 3-way pan head and self adjusting camera platform up to 90 degrees. Security strap attached to ..

Rp. 350,000