Lambency Flash Diffuser P3 For Nikon SB-26/SB-27/SB-28, Sigma EF500, Sony F56AM

Lambency Flash Diffuser P3 For Nikon SB-26/SB-27/SB-28, Sigma EF500, Sony F56AM

The diffused light created by the Flash Diffuser helps to reduce common flash photography problems like over exposure, glare, harsh shadows, red-eye.


  • The "bowl of light" Flash Diffuser can diffuse throughout the soft light inside the mask, thereby evenly spread over all the shooting, making the best soft image effect. 
  • Better than the traditional "point source" of the soft mask
  • "Bowl of light" soft mask is a transparent PVC material, soft and easy to carry, there are four sizes with different types of flash.
  • Accompanied by a bowl cap, can be adapted to the situation that cannot be reflective from the roof.
  • It is available in two models - CLOUD and CLEAR. Both deliver incredibly flattering light.




P3 For

Canon 380EX/420EZ 
Nikon SB24/SB25/SB26/27/28 
Olympus FL40/FL50/G40 
Sunpak 2000-DZ/256D/355AF/3500 
Metz 36AF/40MZ-2/44MZ-2 
Sony HVL-F56AM

Mode CLOUDslightly softer and warmer perfect for close-up portraits
Mode CLEARmodel gives you flattering light at a greater working distance
Package Size11.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.5cm

Packing Content:

  • 1 x Clear model Lambency Flash Diffuser P3
  • 1 x Soft Dome (White)
  • 1 x Amber Dome (Orange)

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