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Teradek Bond Cellular Transmitter

The Teradek Bond Cellular Transmitter combines up to five 3G and 4G USB modems to provide ..

Rp. 39.099.225

Teradek Bond Pro + MPEG-TS (With AB / V Mount)

The Teradek Bond line of cellular bonding solutions allows video professionals to broadcast 1080p HD..

Rp. 70.504.225

Teradek Cube 105 HD-SDI Encoder

Teradek's Cube-105 HD-SDI Encoder is the same as Cube-155 except that the 155 additionally feat..

Rp. 26.537.225

Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Encoder With WiFi

The Teradek Cube 155 HD-SDI Encoder with WiFi is a wireless camera-top video and embedded ..

Rp. 31.247.975

Teradek Cube 205 HDMI Encoder

Teradek's Cube-205 HDMI Encoder connects to a camera by HDMI. The unit encodes video and embedd..

Rp. 20.256.225

Teradek Cube 255 HDMI Encoder with WiFi

The Teradek Cube 255 HDMI Encoder with WiFi is a wireless camera-top video and embedded au..

Rp. 24.966.975

Teradek Cube 500 Camera-Top Composite Encoder

The Teradek Cube 500 Camera-top Composite Encoder (1-Channel) streams composite video dire..

Rp. 17.772.375

Teradek Cube 555 1-Channel Camera Top Wireless SD Video Encoder

The Teradek Cube 555 1-Channel Camera-Top Wireless SD Video Encoder works with compos..

Rp. 23.396.725

Teradek Link Mobile Bonded Cellular Hotspot with V-Mount Battery Adapter

Edge/Link solution requires:Teradek Encoder(s)Cellular Modem ServiceA Sputnik Server(optional)Decode..

Rp. 39.099.225

Teradek Slice Rack Mount HD-SDI H.264 Decoder

VIDEO OUTPUTSHD-SDI, SD-SDI: BNC SUPPORTED RESOLUTIONS1080i 50/59.94/601080p 23.98/24/25/301080..

Rp. 31.247.975

Teradek Slice Rack Mount HD-SDI H.264 Encoder (includes MPEG-TS)

Slice is a rack mount HD-SDI high profile H.264 encoder and decoder solution for mission critical en..

Rp. 46.950.475

Teradek VidiU Go

Product Highlights- Video Quality: Up to 1080p60- Video Inputs: SDI and HDMI- 2 x USB Ports, Etherne..

Rp. 21.269.750

Teradek VidiU Mini

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSUltra-Portable Wi-Fi Live StreamingStream HDMI Signal to Web DestinationsLivestrea..

Rp. 7.851.250

Teradek VidiU Node LTE (South America/Asia/Pacific)

Node for VidiU Go is Teradek's cutting-edge, broadcast grade 4G / LTE modems that offer 2 to 3 times..

Rp. 5.710.000

Teradek VidiU On-Camera Wireless Streaming Video Encoder

The Teradek VidiU is a consumer-grade on-camera video streaming device capable of sending ..

Rp. 9.900.000

Teradek VidiU Pro

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSStream Broadcast Quality HD VideoDeliver to Platforms and RTMP AddressesAccepts An..

Rp. 15.702.500