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E-Image 760AT Aluminum Tripod with GH03 Head

Product HighlightsHead & Legs Support up to 11 Pounds2-Stage Aluminum Tripod Legs75mm Ball/Bowl1..

Rp. 4,590,000

E-Image EAT-150

The E-Image EAT-150 Aluminum Video Tripod Legs is designed and built for professional vide..

Rp. 9,600,000

E-Image EAT-150S

The newly developed 150mm tripods are made of superior aluminum materials very sturdy. EAT-150S, EA..

Rp. 6,900,000


The E-Image 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod with GH03 Head supports cameras and accessories weighi..

Rp. 4,700,000

E-IMAGE EG-04A2 Tripod Kit

Key FeaturesTripod kitMemiliki rentang ketinggian 80 hingga 140 cmMemiliki muatan maksimum 6 kgKaki ..

Rp. 5,100,000

E-Image EG-04AS

E-Image EG04AS Two-Stage Aluminium Tripod SystemTwo-Stage Aluminium Tripod System from E-ImageThis t..

Rp. 2,750,000

E-image EG-05A2

The E-Image EG05A2 Tripod Kit - GH05, GA752 With Adjustable Mid Spreader is a great and versatile tr..

Rp. 5,450,000

E-IMAGE EG-06A2 Tripod Kit

Key FeaturesSupports up to 13 Pounds75mm Ball/BowlGA752 2-Stage Legs with Mono-Lock Design32.5 - 72...

Rp. 11,900,000

E-Image EI-7004C Tripod Dolly

The EI-7004C Universal Middleweight Tripod Dolly from E-Image opens and locks in..

Rp. 3,100,000

E-Image EI-7502 Baby Tripod

FeaturesPayload 110lbs - 50kgWorking Height Range 15"-28"Dual Sized 75mm and 100mm BowlLocking Leg A..

Rp. 3,640,000

E-IMAGE EK-610 Tripod Kit

Key Features6.5 lb Payload28 to 63.5" Height RangeDual-Stage Aluminum Legs with 65mm Bowl65mm Half B..

Rp. 2,345,000

E-Image HS-01

Key Features :- Triple function stand top with junior receiver, baby pin and baby receiver- Compact ..

Rp. 2,125,000

E-Image MA-600+610FH

Key Features :- Load Capacity: 44.1 lb- Maximum Height: 74.8"- Closed Length: 25.2"- Sections: 4- We..

Rp. 2,250,000

E-Image MA-800+630FH

E-Image MA-800+630FH Specs- Folded Length (mm) : 800 - Weight (g) : 2820 - Extended Length (mm) : ..

Rp. 3,010,000

E-Image MC-600+610FH

Key Features :- Load Capacity: 44.1 lb- Maximum Height: 74.8"- Closed Length: 25.2"- Sections: 4- We..

Rp. 2,450,000

E-Image MC-800+630FH

E-Image MC-800+630FH Specs- Folded Length (mm) : 800- Weight (g) : 2630- Extended Length (mm) : 2130..

Rp. 3,130,000