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Glidecam Body-Pod (For use with the 2000 Pro/4000 Pro/HD 2000/HD 4000)

The Glidecam Body-Pod is a lightweight rigid support system which lets you shoot in cushioned comfor..

Rp. 3,890,000

Glidecam Forearm Brace for Glidecam 2000 Pro and 4000 Pro Stabilizers

Distributes the weight of the system over your entire forearm. The weight of the system is supported..

Rp. 2,610,000

Glidecam HD-2000 Stabilizer System

ConstructionAluminumLoad Capacity2-6 lbs (0.9-2.6kg)VestNoneArmNoneHead Assembly/Top StageAdjustable..

Rp. 6,990,000

Glidecam HD-4000 Stabilizer System

ConstructionAluminumLoad Capacity4.0-10.0 lbs (1.8-4.5kg)VestOptional Body-PodArmOptional Forearm Su..

Rp. 8,050,000

Glidecam HD-Series Docking Bracket

The Glidecam GLHDSDB is a docking and balance bracket for the HD series of camera stabilizers. This ..

Rp. 1,220,000

Glidecam Smooth Shooter

Glidecam's Smooth Shooter System is designed to be the first truly affordable professionally inspire..

Rp. 18,050,000

Glidecam SSHX10UP Smooth Shooter to X-10 Upgrade

The Glidecam SSHX10UP is an upgrade kit for the Smooth Shooter camcorder stabilizer system..

Rp. 11,080,000

Glidecam Ultra Shot

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Load Capacity: 20 lb· &nbs..

Rp. 2,432,755

Glidecam Vista Head HD

The Glidecam Vista Head HD is a camera pan-tilt head that features full 360° pan and tilt camera mov..

Rp. 14,850,000

Glidecam X-10 Dual Support Arm Stabilizer Vest System

The GLIDECAM X-10 is a professional camera stabilization system designed for use with the ..

Rp. 25,920,000

Glidecam XR-2000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer

This Kit IncludesConstructionNot specified by manufacturerLoad Capacity2-6 lb (0.9-2.7 kg)VestNoArmN..

Rp. 5,250,000

Glidecam XR-4000 Handheld Camera Stabilizer

GLIDECAM XR-4000 SPECIFICATIONDesigned for compact and full size cameras weighing from 4 to 10 pound..

Rp. 6,400,000