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Battery SDV Casio CP20

✅ TECHNICAL DETAILCapacity2100 mAhTypeLi-IonVolt3.7 VCompatible : Casio EX Slim, EX3, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6..

Rp. 138,000

Battery SDV For Canon BP-945

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Canon 430, 450, 400, 500, 550, 530, 600i, 630, 650i32007.4..

Rp. 315,000

Battery SDV For Canon LP-E5

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Canon EOS 450D, 1000D, 500D21007.4..

Rp. 201,000

Battery SDV For Canon NB-2L

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Canon PowerShot S30, S40, S45, S50, S55, S60, S70, S80, G7, D..

Rp. 235,000

Battery SDV For Canon NB-7L

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)G10,G11, G12, SX30..

Rp. 169,000

Battery SDV For Casio CP-120

✅ TECHNICAL DETAILCapacity2100 mAhTypeLi-IonVolt3.7 V..

Rp. 195,000

Battery SDV for Casio CP-40

The SDV Casio NP 60 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack works with the same cameras as the Casio NP 6..

Rp. 140,000

Battery SDV For Casio NP 50

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Exilim EX-V7,7,528003.7..

Rp. 235,000

Battery SDV For Casio NP 60

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)EXS1021003.7..

Rp. 255,000

Battery SDV For Casio NP 80

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Casio Z33, Z550, EXZ2, EX-21, 219, 27021003.7..

Rp. 140,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-140

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Fuji FinePix F11, FinePix M603,  FinePix M603 Zoom2..

Rp. 197,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-150

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Fuji S5 Pro23007.2..

Rp. 250,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-50

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)F50 21003.7..

Rp. 125,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-60

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Fuji 50i, F401, M601, Kodak LS443, Panasonic V20, A10, A25, A..

Rp. 135,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-80

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Fuji 6800, 690011003.7..

Rp. 125,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-85

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)..

Rp. 170,000

Battery SDV For JVC BN 114U

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)JVC P3, P7, P9, P75, P30022007.4..

Rp. 165,000

Battery SDV For JVC BN 312U

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)JVC 507, 707, 960, 96, 7628007.4..

Rp. 195,000

Battery SDV For Ko-Minolta NP-200

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Minolta X, Xi, Xt, X20, XG15003.7..

Rp. 210,000