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Pixco Fisheye 0.25x 52mm

Quick DetailsProduct Name :Pixco 52mm 0.25x Fisheye Lens With MacroItem Code :38619484Category:Camer..

Rp. 790.000

Pixco Fisheye 0.25x 58mm

Built-in detachable +12.5MACRO lens for extreme close-up shots Lens Back Threads Size 58mm ..

Rp. 850.000

Pixco Tele Converter 2.0x 52mm

Our teleconverter lens must be used with long-focus lens and you can get better effec..

Rp. 540.000

Pixco Wide Angle Converter 0.45x 58mm

Function:-It increases the feeling of depth photographic images of the space. -A long of the de..

Rp. 540.000