Tas Kata

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Kata DC-435 DL

The Digital Case-435 DL is a comprehensive camera/camcorder bag designed with style to hold and orga..

Rp. 440,000

Kata DL-443 Digital Lite

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Holds Pro DSLR System/3-4 Lense..

Rp. 450,000

Kata Grip 16DL Holster B

The Kata D-Light Grip-16 DL Holster (Black) is designed to carry and protect a D-SLR camer..

Rp. 470,000

Kata KT A22N Focus N Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag (KT A22N)Digicam/SLR+MP3+PDA+Phone acc. and personal gear Shoulder-Bag - size NFocus N ..

Rp. 460,000

Kata KT PL 3N1-25 Sling Backpack

Product Descriptions Designed to fit a DSLR with battery pack & mid-range zoom lens attache..

Rp. 1,950,000

Kata KT PL 3N1-35 Sling Backpack

The 3N1-35 PL is KATA's most protective and professional sling backpack designed to fit a Pro DSLR w..

Rp. 2,090,000

Kata KT RL-302 Laptop Rucksack

The RL-302 laptop rucksack is designed for professionals/executives on the go. The backpack will org..

Rp. 1,610,000

Kata KT-DHP485

The Kata DHP-485 Digital Hip Pouch is a case with a touch fastener flap designed to carry ..

Rp. 170,000

Kata KT-DLG12 B

Material Exterior: Ripstop nylon Exterior: TST RIB structural protection Interior: Aeriform foam pad..

Rp. 289,000

Kata KT-DLO272 B

Description The D-Light Owl-272 is a stylish, functional lightweight and protective backpack which i..

Rp. 1,417,000

Kata KT-DR465 BG

The DR-465 Digital Rucksack features a unique TST RIB structural protection for D/SLR with mounted l..

Rp. 900,000

Kata KT-HB205 Hiker Backpack

HB-205 Hiker Backpack features a level of protection you haven’t seen before; KATA’s TST protection ..

Rp. 2,250,000

Kata KT-HB207 Hiker Backpack

KATA’s HB-207 Hiker Backpack features a level of protection you haven’t seen before; KATA’s TST prot..

Rp. 2,525,000

Kata KT-R101 Rucksack

The compact R-101 is designed to hold a Digital / SLR body with lens attached and accessories or a M..

Rp. 1,570,000

Kata KT-R102 Rucksack

The popular R-102 rucksack is the perfect compact solution for taking your video or photo kit for sh..

Rp. 1,800,000

Kata KT-R103 Rucksack

Photo Configuration: GDC Rucksack Fits a Digital / SLR body with up to 300mm lens attached, an extra..

Rp. 2,150,000

Kata Lightri-310 DL

The LighTri-310 DL is a stylish, functional lightweight, protective Torso-Pack designed for mirrorle..

Rp. 290,000

Kata Lite KT-431 DL for mirrorless camera or Handycam

Spesification :The Lite-431 DL is a compact camera bag for holding and organizing your Point&Sho..

Rp. 300,000