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Paket Tronic AC-400DC Professional Flash

Inluded :Tronic AC-400DC Professional FlashLight Stand HolderAccuAC AdaptorTriggerBag..

Rp. 6,660,000

Paket Tronic Extreme Kit

Content :2 Tronic Extreme2 Soft Box 60x602 Excell Hero 12 Standard Reflector1 Bag..

Rp. 3,825,000

Paket Tronic PFL-400CD Professional Flash

Included :Tronic PFL 400 CD Professional FlashLight Stand HolderAccuBreketTriggerBag..

Rp. 5,700,000

Paket Tronic Star Kit

Spesifikasi :2 Lampu Continuous 1000 watt (Putih)2 Softbox 60x902 Stand1 Tas..

Rp. 7,125,000

Paket Tronic Studio Executive Portable Kit

Alat ini sangat cocok digunakan baik para profesional ataupun amatir foto studio. Perangkat asesoris..

Rp. 675,000

Paket Tronic Turbo Kit

Lamp 200 w Flash Tube 3 Pcs..

Rp. 6,375,000

Paket Tronic X400 Pro

Included :Tronic X 400 Professional FlashAccu and BattreyTriger and Cable SyncSafety Case..

Rp. 8,570,000

Reflector 5 in 1 (80cm)

5-in-1 Reflector feature a removable, reversible cober over a translucent panel to provide a back li..

Rp. 200,000

Studio Lighting Tronic Lead Power Kit

Paket Lead Power Kit Include :Lead Power 250 watt (2)Soft box For Power 60x60 (2)Light Stand (2)Tas ..

Rp. 5,140,000

Tronic 33 Deals

Tronic 33

Tronic Umbrella Softbox (White/black)Tronic Umbrella Softbox (Black/White)..

Rp. 170,000 Rp. 130,000

Tronic Alfa 600 Studio Flash Light

Cell 100% indication of Recovering Adjustment Switch Modelling Lamp Switc..

Rp. 5,325,000