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Basic 15 mm Reduction Insert ( K0.60211.0 - KK.0005809 )

The 15 mm reduction insert can be fitted to any 19 mm rod mount to allow compatibility with 15 mm ro..

Rp. 2,683,824

Battery Adapter Plate BAP-2 ( K2.0023942 )

ARRI BAP-2A OverviewThe Battery Adapter Plate BAP-2A from ARRI enables you ..

Rp. 3,473,184

Center Camera Handle CCH-2 ( K2.73002.0 )

ARRI CCH-2 OverviewExpand your options for mounting HD camera accessories like monitors, transm..

Rp. 3,946,800

Ethernet Cable 3m KC-153-S ( K2.72021.0 )

OVERVIEWARRI K2.72021.0 (KC 153-S) RJ-45 3m Ethernet Cable for the Alexa. RJ45 Ethernet cable for th..

Rp. 2,368,080

EXT-RS Adapter ( K2.0006170 )

ARRI EXT-RS Adapter OverviewUse the ARRI EXT-RS Adapter to convert the ALEXA Mini's e..

Rp. 2,525,952

Mini Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 ( K2.0006140 )

Attaches MVF-1 viewfinder to ALEXA Mini via 15mm LWS rods and viewfinder mount. Requires MAP-2 for 1..

Rp. 11,452,896

Power Cable Straight KC-50 2m ( K2.75007.0 )

Connects the power input of AMIRA, ALEXA Mini or ALEXA Mini LF to a battery power output with an XLR..

Rp. 2,683,824

Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3 ( K2.0006186 )

The RMB-3 offers support for a single 19 mm rod (15 mm rod via reduction insert K2.66255.0) and prov..

Rp. 1,894,464

Single Support Rod 150 mm (5.9") x 19 mm ( K2.0014961 )

ARRI K2.0014961 OverviewThe lightweight ARRI Single Support Rod (5.9", 19mm) is desig..

Rp. 1,018,992

Single Support Rod 90 mm (3.5") x 19 mm ( K2.0014960 )

ARRI K2.0014960 OverviewThe lightweight ARRI Single Support Rod (3.5", 19mm) is desig..

Rp. 832,416