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Maono AU AM200 S4 Soundcard Premium Bundle Podcast

FITUR:- Multichannel mixer- Built-in battery- High-quality preamp- Sound FX | Denoise- Record & ..

Rp. 2,174,000

Maono AU-A03T Condenser Microphone

AU-A03T Condenser Cardioid Podcast Microphone Kit Built-in 3.5mm jack recording microphone for smart..

Rp. 759,000

Maono AU-PM360TR Microphone

Spesifikasi :>> Mic Core : Dia 16mm>> Pollar Pattern : Cardioid>> Freq Rate : 30Hz..

Rp. 350,000

Maono AU-PM461TR USB Microphone Condensor

Features :- Excellent sound quality with 24bit/192Khz sampling rate professional sound chipset- Flex..

Rp. 435,000

Microphone Wireless Ashley Voice 1

Microphone Wireless Ashley Voice 1 : - 1 Unit Reciever - 2 Unit Mic Pegang display Digital..

Rp. 470,000

Recording Tech RT-SUPER 200

SPESIFIKASI:Reciever- Frequency region : 520-830mhz- Modulation mode : FM- Dynamic range : >110db..

Rp. 1,680,000

Ring Flash RF-155

NOTE :- Kondisi Fisk 95%- Kondisi Box 80%- Dus sedikit sobek dan pudarUntuk unit tidak ada kendala d..

Rp. 99,000

Ring Flash RF-160

NOTE :- Kondisi Fisik 90%- Kondisi Box 80%- Fisik ada bekas lem- Dus sedikir sobek dan pudarUntuk un..

Rp. 100,000

Rode Boompole Pro

Product HighlightsSuitable for Shotgun MicrophonesLightweightExtends from 2'.8" to 10'Five SectionsI..

Rp. 3,710,000

Rode Deadcat Furry Windshield For WSVM

The Dead Cat windshield is designed for minimising any wind noise when recording in high wind condit..

Rp. 330,000

Rode Lavalier GO Professional-grade Wearable Microphone

Lavalier GO is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applicat..

Rp. 820,000

Rode MiCon-11 Connector For TRRS Devices & Smartphones

The Rode MiCon Connector for TRRS Devices & Smartphones provides seamless integ..

Rp. 299,000

Rode MiCon-5 Connector For Rode MiCon Microphones

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         For Rode MiCon Mics & Hea..

Rp. 370,000

Rode NT-USB Mini Studio-Quality USB Microphone

High-quality condenser capsule that delivers warmth and presence for a clear, professional sound.Dir..

Rp. 1,415,000

Rode NT-USB Professional USB Condenser Microphone

NT-USB kompatibel dengan penggunaan kit kamera opsional. Termasuk dalam mic adalah perisai pop, meja..

Rp. 1,989,000

Rode NT5 Compact 1/2 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS :- Externally biased condenser- Gold sputtered 1/2” capsule- Heavy-duty satin-nic..

Rp. 2,795,000

Rode NTG3B Moisture-Resistant Shotgun Microphone

Key FeaturesFor Indie Films, TV & DocumentariesMoisture-Resistant for Humid ConditionsPhantom Po..

Rp. 8,495,000

Rode NTG4+ Shotgun Microphone

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Super Cardioid Broadcast Qual..

Rp. 3,935,000

Rode NTG5 Shotgun Microphone

Spesifikasi• Extremely lightweight (only 76g)• Short in length (only 203mm)• Very low self-noise• Hi..

Rp. 6,985,000

Rode NTR Active Ribbon Microphone

Highly sensitive 1.8 micron ribbon elementBi-Directional Polar PatternInternal Shock Mounting System..

Rp. 8,445,000