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Sony ECM-VG1 Electret Condenser Microphone

The Sony ECM-VG1 Electret Condenser Microphone is a rugged, all-metal shotgun microphone with a supe..

Rp. 4,199,000

Sony ECM-XYST1M Stereo Microphone

Product Highlights ·         Works with the Sony Multi-In..

Rp. 2,019,000

Sony Hard Case LCH-GT1BP

A full shooting kit for a compact camcorder can include a large number of items and quickly becomes ..

Rp. 4,880,000

Sony HVL-F45RM Wireless Radio Flash

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ·         2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver w..

Rp. 5,090,000

Sony HVL-LBPB High Power LED Video Light

The HVL-LBPB is a flexible, yet powerful LED lighting solution. At its maximum illumination setting,..

Rp. 2,390,000

Sony HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit Deals

Sony HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit

The Sony HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory Unit is an optional recording device designed specificall..

Rp. 7,500,000 Rp. 6,690,000

Sony LCD F970 Charger

The battery pack features a 7.2V output and 6300mAh capacity. The Adapter / Twin Charger features a..

Rp. 420,000

Sony Mini DV SP60 Reguler

Start recording now with Sony`s DVM-60EXL. Ideal for LP recording, this Digital Video Cassette featu..

Rp. 20,000

Sony SBAC-US30 USB 3.0 SxS Memory Card Reader

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·             &nb..

Rp. 5,600,000

Tronic 1068 Icam Deals

Tronic 1068 Icam

Lampu Tronic 100W + Aki kering..

Rp. 950,000 Rp. 750,000

Video Light LED-5008 Deals

Video Light LED-5008

Specifications:    Working voltage: 7.2/3A    Power: 7.2W  &..

Rp. 850,000 Rp. 790,000

Yongnuo LED Light YN1200 Pro

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Daylight Color Balance: 5500K·&..

Rp. 2,845,000

Yongnuo LED Light YN300 Mark III 3200 to 5500K

Functions:YN300 III is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller which is used to adjus..

Rp. 1,188,002

Yongnuo LED Light YN600L II

Yongnuo LED Light YN-600L IIYN600L II is equipped with multi channel wireless remote controller whic..

Rp. 1,924,812

Yongnuo LED Light YN900

Descriptions YN900 adopts encoder digital dimming system, including coarse tuning mode and fine..

Rp. 2,631,579