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Datavideo NVD-35 IP Video Decoder with SDI Output

The Datavideo IP Video Decoder with SDI Output supports common protocols such as RTP/RTSP,..

Rp. 12,900,000


Features>> SDI and Composite BNC Outputs>> Up to 1080p60 Resolution Output>> Stere..

Rp. 14,500,000

Datavideo PD-2A

The Datavideo PD-2 Power Distributor is designed to provide 400 W of steady power for mobi..

Rp. 16,526,762

Datavideo PD-4A

The Datavideo PD-4A Power Distributor comes with a redundant power supply, which is a seco..

Rp. 27,110,000

Datavideo RMC-260 Remote Control for SE-1200MU Digital Video Switcher

The RMC-260 Remote Control from Datavideo is used for controlling the SE-1200MU Digital Video Switc..

Rp. 11,245,000

Datavideo SE-1200MU 6 Input HD Digital Video Switcher

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         6-Input High Definition Switch..

Rp. 23,995,000

Datavideo SE-2200 Video Switcher with HD-SDI and HDMI Inputs

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         6-Input Multi-Definition Switc..

Rp. 64,495,000

Datavideo SE-2850 HD/SD 12 - Channel Digital Video Switcher

Product Highlights12-Input, 4-Channel Video Plus StillsHD-SDI, SD-SDI CompatibleSupports HD and/or S..

Rp. 89,995,000

DataVideo SE-500 4 Channel Video Mixer / Switcher

The Datavideo SE-500 Live Production Switcher is a four input video mixer offering composi..

Rp. 12,800,000

DataVideo SE-500HD 4 Channel 1080p HDMI Video Switcher

OverviewThe SE-500HD is a small, cost-effective, 1080p HDMI video switcher with easy-to-use professi..

Rp. 16,240,000

Datavideo SE-650 4-Channel Digital Video Switcher

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS4-Input, 4-Channel Video SwitcherHD-SDI and HDMI Video Inputs6-Channel Digital Aud..

Rp. 22,750,000

DataVideo TP-300-BT

TP-300 Tablet PrompterDevice UsedApple iPadsAndroid TabletsCamera-Mount InterfacePrompter FrameSmart..

Rp. 9,895,000

DataVideo TP-500

TP-500 DSLR PrompterDevice UsedApple iPadsAndroid TabletsCamera-Mount InterfaceAdjustable Camera Pla..

Rp. 12,645,000

DataVideo TP-650

TP-650 ENG PrompterDevice UsedApple iPadsAndroid TabletsCamera-Mount InterfacePrompter RailSmartphon..

Rp. 15,295,000

Datavideo TP-650B Prompter and Hard Case Kit for iPad and Android Tablets with Bluetooth Remote

Datavideo TP-650B SpecsTeleprompterDimensions20 x 14 x 6" (51 x 36 x 15 cm)Weight8 lb (4 kg)Cas..

Rp. 14,425,000

Datavideo VP-633 3G/HD/SD-SDI Repeater with DC Power Input

The Datavideo VP-633 3G/HD/SD-SDI Repeater with DC Power Input extends an SDI video signal..

Rp. 4,565,000

Datavideo WR-500 Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control

Features Bluetooth Teleprompter Remote Control Script controller: play/pause, speed ..

Rp. 3,490,000