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Canon CA-941 For C300 EF/PL

Compact Power Adapter CA 941 For C300EF PLUnit Utama..

Rp. 2,100,000

Canon Camera Cover R-F-5

Key FeaturesFor Canon RF-Mount CamerasProtects Camera Interior When Not in Use.Didedikasikan untuk b..

Rp. 50,000

Canon Car Battery Charger CBC-E5

Product Description The Canon CBC-E5 Car Battery Charger can charge an LP-E5 battery pack from ..

Rp. 1,170,000

Canon Car Battery Charger CBC-E6

Product Description The CBC-E6 Car Battery Charger for LP-E6 Battery from Canon is designe..

Rp. 1,575,000

Canon CB-2LYE Battery Charger for NB-6L


Rp. 890,000

Canon Charger CB-2LBE For NB-9L

Product Description The CB-2LBE Battery Charger is used to recharge your NB-9L rechargeable Li-..

Rp. 755,000

Canon Charger CB-2LCE for NB-10L

The Canon CB-2LCEis a battery charger for Canon NB-10L lithium-ion batteries used by select Pow..

Rp. 905,000

Canon Charger CB-2LDE For NB-11L

Product DescriptionThe CB-2LDE Battery Charger is used to recharge your NB-11L rechargeable Li-Ion b..

Rp. 1,000,000

Canon Charger CB-2LS For NB-1L Battery

Canon Battery Charger CB-2LS can be used to charge Battery Pack NB-1LH..

Rp. 510,000

Canon Charger CB-2LU For NB-3L

Canon Battery Charger CB-2LU can be used to charge Battery Pack NB-3L..

Rp. 460,000

Canon Charger CB-2LXE For NB-5L Battery

Canon Battery Charger CB-2LX can be used to charge Battery Pack NB-5L..

Rp. 615,000

Canon Charger LC-E12E For LP-E12 Battery EOS-M

The Canon Battery Charger LC-E12 for Battery Pack LP-E12 charges the Battery Pack LP-E12, which powe..

Rp. 950,000

Canon Charger LC-E5 For EOS 450D,500D,1000D

Spesification :Canon Battery Charger for EOS 500D, EOS 450D and EOS 1000D..

Rp. 765,000

Canon Charger LC-E6 For LP-E6 Battery

Product DescriptionReplace a broken or lost battery charger, or add a second charger to your kit so ..

Rp. 815,000

Canon Charger LC-E6E For LP-E6 Battery

Compatible battery packs : Battery Pack LP-E6Recharging time (at room temperature(23ºC)) : Approx. 1..

Rp. 950,000

Canon Charger LC-E8E For EOS 600D,650D,700D

Spesification :Canon Battery Charger for EOS 600D, EOS 650D and EOS 700D..

Rp. 950,000

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mark II Camcorder Body with Touch Focus Kit (EF Mount)

Product HighlightsSuper 35mm CMOS Sensor4K, 1920 x 1080 60/50i, 23.98/25p, 24pCanon XF AVC H.264 Cod..

Rp. 221,500,000

Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R

Product HighlightsCanon EF/EF-S Lens to EOS R CameraMaintains AF and Image StabilizationConfigurable..

Rp. 3,700,000