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iFootage S1 Shark Slider

A great all-rounder, user’s favouriteiFootage understands that the users experience with regards to ..

Rp. 7,440,000

iFootage Shark Slider Mini Complete

Product HighlightsLightweight and Compact SliderTwo Tracks for Travel Distance of 24"Modular Design3..

Rp. 19,999,000

iFootage W-1 Water Bag Deals

iFootage W-1 Water Bag

Spesification :Counterwieght water bag,stablizer for Ifootage Giraffe M1-II DSLR / video mini jib ca..

Rp. 400,000 Rp. 95,000

Kamerar Slider 60cm SLD 230 Deals

Kamerar Slider 60cm SLD 230

Garansi: Non WarrantyThe stable and smooth takes are the basic elements of the film art. Photos took..

Rp. 2,770,000 Rp. 2,575,000

Kamerar Socom Video Shoulder Rig

Product DetailsThe Socom Video Shoulder Rig Kit is a solid foundation for video shooters looking to ..

Rp. 2,168,250

Kingjoy VM-100 Slider

Kingjoy VM-100 mini slider can shoot in professional effect and make the track shoot more stable. D..

Rp. 1,480,000

Kingjoy VM-120 Slider

KINGJOY VM series slider fits for all kinds of light camcorders and SLR/DSLR cameras. It owns unique..

Rp. 1,640,000

Kingjoy VM-80 Slider

Heavy load Stable and smooth track Adjustable damping system Four support legs ball..

Rp. 1,290,000

Konova Slider K3-60

 K-3 60K-3 80K-3 100Lenght60cm80cm100cmWidth46mm46mm46mmHeight19mm19mm19mmWeight1,62kg2,48kg2,7..

Rp. 4,914,700

Konova Slider K5-100

   K-5 60K-5 80K-5 100Lenght60cm80cm100cmWidth46mm46mm46mmHeight23mm23mm23mmWeight1,9..

Rp. 5,280,000

Konova Slider K5-150

DetailsThe Konova SMC K5-150 - Smart Motion Controller Bundle B for K5-150 allows fully automated mo..

Rp. 6,580,000

Konova Slider K5-60

 K-5 60K-5 80K-5 100Lenght60cm80cm100cmWidth46mm46mm46mmHeight23mm23mm23mmWeight1,96kg2,92kg3,2..

Rp. 4,280,000

Konova Slider K5-80

 K-5 60K-5 80K-5 100Lenght60cm80cm100cmWidth46mm46mm46mmHeight23mm23mm23mmWeight1,96kg2,92kg3,2..

Rp. 4,730,000

Konova Slider K7-100

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS- Roller Bearing Sliding System- 77.1 lb Load Capacity- 39.4" Track Length- Tensio..

Rp. 5,348,350

Libec TH-G3 Multi-Action Gimbal

SpecificationsPayloadMin.500g Max.3600g / Min.1.1lb Max.7.9lbOperation TimeMin.12h Max.18h Static op..

Rp. 5,550,000

Mcoplus Handheld stabilizer A MP-SC01

Features:-Bidirectional base plate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any directi..

Rp. 1,900,000

Mcoplus Handheld stabilizer B MP-SC03

Product Features:- Professional head: full PTZ precision CNC process, there is no full-colored anodi..

Rp. 1,350,000

Mcoplus Handheld Stabilizer C MP-SC05

Product features:Light Weight, compact and heavy loadingllowing you to creatively pan 360 and tilt u..

Rp. 1,750,000

Mcoplus Mini Handheld stabilizer SA-40

Feature:• Bidirectional base plate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any directi..

Rp. 1,300,000

Mcoplus Mini Handheld stabilizer SA-60

Features:• Bidirectional base plate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any direct..

Rp. 950,000