ATT Lens Cap 46mm

ATT Lens Cap 46mm
This product is designed to facilitate the lens when using lens hood and UV microscopy with the quality similar to the original. The hand feel is not different from the original. The feature of self-bringing with a hole which can be put a rope through and a lens rope is more convenient than the original which has no hole to put a rope through.

SAME FEATURES : To protect lens and lens glass, and avoid dust and water splash.
ADDING FEATURES : The same characteristics: better than the normal cap by adding a unique inner button (the middle open) to facilitate the camera lens when using a bayonet hood. It can be automatically covered and removed to make you take photos freely.

* Professional domestic lens cap with middle stretch.
* Excellent product crafts, similar hand feel compared with the original best price. The middle open facilitates the camera lens when using bayonet hood.
* Protecting the lens and glasses and keeping out of the dust and water splash.
* The design of self bringing with a hole which can be put a rope through and a lens rope make you find a shelter for the lens cap.
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  • Product Code: ATT Lens Cap 46mm
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