Miller CX2 Fluid Head with Toggle 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod System (Ground-Level Spreader)

Miller CX2 Fluid Head with Toggle 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod System (Ground-Level Spreader)

Designed for light loads such as DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and camcorders, this Miller CX2 Fluid Head with Toggle 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod System is stable, adjustable, and overall production-ready. The CX2 head supports loads up to 17.6 pounds, offers 16 steps of counterbalance, and has two-stage toggle legs with a ground-level spreader for quick setups on flat surfaces. For more information on the fluid head and legs that make up this system, check out the descriptions and features below.

  • CX2 Fluid Head

    The Miller CX2 Fluid Head is designed to accommodate a wide payload range with 16 steps of counterbalance. Pan, tilt, and counterbalance can all be set to zero, enabling even the lightest of cameras to be supported. Maxed out, this head is rated to support camera setups up to 17.6 pounds, adequate for a rigged up DSLR or mirrorless camera, a smaller cinema camera, or a small ENG camcorder. Securing your camera or rig is easy. The sideload plate design enables you to simply drop in your camera without the alignment issues posed by rear-loading variations. The plate offers 2.4" of sliding range to balance your rig.

    To survive fast-paced shooting environments, the CX2 is die-cast from a lightweight, yet durable metal alloy with composite polymers and precision ball-bearings for smooth mechanical operation. Even in harsh conditions, the CX2 will perform reliably. The base of the CX2 is a 75mm ball for mounting to compatible tripods and grip equipment. An illuminated bubble level makes it easy to level the CX2 in dark environments. A fixed length pan handle is included, and a second rosette is available for attaching an optional second pan handle.

  • Toggle 75 2-Stage Alloy Tripod (Ground-Level Spreader Ready)

    The Miller Toggle 2-Stage Alloy Tripod is designed to be a compact yet sturdy platform for your 75mm ball-base fluid head. The 2-stage design allows for a large 15.4 to 61.4" height range while maintaining a compact folded length of 27". Each stage features its own rotary clamp for secure locking, enabling support for payloads up to 55 pounds. Compatible spreaders, rubber feet, and dollies are available separately.

  • Pan Handle for Compass15 and Compass20 Fluid Heads

    The Miller Pan Handle for Compass15 and Compass20 Fluid Heads is a 16mm fixed-length pan arm. The main tube is black-anodized aluminum alloy and features a comfortable rubber grip.

  • 411 On-Ground Tripod Spreader

    On-Ground Spreader is chosen when shooting is performed on a level surface, such as studio, city streets, offices, sport fields and stadiums. It allows for rapid set-up and pull down by keeping tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other. Attaches directly to the feet at the bottom of a tripod and its arms are telescopic to allow extension of a tripod leg without detaching the spreader.

    Suits all Lightweight, Single Stage and 2-Stage tripods ENG & EFP tripods
    Telescopic arm extensions
    Integrated swivel foot pads
  • 554 HD Shoulder Strap

    The Miller 554 HD Shoulder Strap is a tripod carry strap designed for the Miller Sprinter series tripods. It is a 2 inch wide strap that works with folded tripods from 25" to 36" and has a 3" long shoulder pad.

    2 inch wide tripod carry strap
    3" long shoulder pad
    Compatible with;
    • Miller Sprinter tripods
    • Sachtler Hot Pods and other models with a key ring to attach a strap
    • Any tripod 25" to 36" long with a key ring to attach a strap
  • CX2 Fluid Head
    Load Capacity0 - 17.6 lb / 0 - 8 kg
    Counterbalance16 steps (15 plus zero counterbalance)
    Drag ControlPan/Tilt: 3 steps plus zero drag
    Tilt Range+90/-75°
    Sliding Range2.4" / 6 cm
    Mounting Base75mm ball
    Height Above Bowl6.6" / 16.7 cm
    Weight4.9 lb / 2.2 kg
Warranty -

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