Apexel APL-HD5F Lensa Fisheye 195 Lens for Smartphone

Apexel APL-HD5F Lensa Fisheye 195 Lens for Smartphone

195° fish Lens is the widest lens we make,captures the biggest possible scene imaginable on a mobile phone. With 195 degree field of

view, you'll instantly notice the dramatic difference when mounting it to your phone. Tight scenes won't be cut off, landscapes will

appear even larger than life,cropped video will become a thing of the past It's the perfect tool to enhance the scale of your images

beyond imagination,perfect as a unique and especially welcome gift for family and friends.

The195°fisheye lens is special lens to have a round,distort picture with exaggetated and unexpected effects,you can gain all that

image back and add much more field of view.Ideal for portrait shots, panoramas and vistas, large group photos, special occasions,

concerts, road trips, hiking, vacations.

【Use Whenever You Want】

★Capture your trip with a new dynamic perspective.

★Architecture / Real Estate: Capture the widest possible view of interiors

★Action Sports: Get a unique perspective and make your friends look even more epic while they shred.

★Video: Phones crop your video to add stabilization. Get that crop back plus add much more field of view. Perfect for vlogging.

★★★★★Shooting artwork pictures by using your smartphones with  our phone camera lens kit,enjoy the technical image effect.


- Do not touch the lens with your hand, clean with cloth regularly

- Make sure the lens is aligned with your phone camera lens before taking photos, that is quite important

- The Flash Light might be blocked when the lens is in use

Box Contain:

★1 x 195 degree Fisheye Lens

★1 x Universal clip

★1 x Rubber Case

★1 x Cleaning Cloth

★1 x User manual

Warranty Non Warranty

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