Azden WMS-PRO Receiver and WM-Pro Transmitter with Lavalier EX-503

Azden WMS-PRO Receiver and WM-Pro Transmitter with Lavalier EX-503

The WMS-PRO VHF Wireless Lavalier and Handheld Mic System from Azden are used to capture audio. The system works with DSLR and video cameras. It is a complete system used in various applications such as for wedding videographers, interviews, live stage, and more. This system transmits on the VHF frequency band and includes an output cable which makes it compatible with several consumer devices. The 2-channel switchable transmitter and receiver deliver clean reliable RF performance for up to 250'. The system includes a lavalier and a handheld mic which both attach to the same beltpack (but not simultaneously)

The wireless lavalier and handheld system features a WM-PRO beltpack transmitter, an EX-413 wired electret condenser handheld mic, an EX-503 omnidirectional lavalier mic, and a WR-PRO camera-mount receiver. All receivers and transmitters in the PRO series are on the same 2 frequencies (169.445 and 170.245 MHz), allowing them to be interchangeable. This also allows you to switch frequencies if interference is encountered on one channel. The receiver is built with a single antenna. The receiver and transmitter are both individually powered by 9V batteries, and both have a shoe mount, and hook and loop fastener to attach to cameras or tripods.

The EX-503 features an omnidirectional polar pattern and provides a generous pick-up area at off-axis sections of the microphone
The EX-413 omnidirectional microphone is wired with a mini-jack connector and designed to plug into the WM-PRO wireless beltpack transmitter
169.445 and 170.245 MHz are the two frequencies offered in this wireless system
Can be used for wireless solutions on DSLR cameras, and camcorders
Ultra lightweight system that doesn't change the weight on the camera when mounted
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