Godox QT400IIIM Overview

Godox QT400 III: Unleash Your Creativity with this High-Speed Studio Flash

The Godox QT400 III is a professional-grade studio flash unit designed to empower photographers with exceptional speed, power, and versatility. Whether you're a seasoned studio pro or an aspiring photographer looking to elevate your lighting game, the QT400 III offers a compelling set of features:

Uncompromising Flash Performance:

  • Powerful 400Ws Output: Provides ample light for various photography applications, from portraits and product shots to fashion and event photography.
  • Blazing-Fast Flash Durations: Capture fleeting moments with flash durations as fast as 1/29600s (t=0.1), ideal for freezing motion blur and creative effects.
  • Exceptional Recycle Time: Get back to shooting quickly with a recycle time of 0.01-0.9 seconds, allowing you to capture rapid sequences of images.

Enhanced Control and Functionality:

  • Manual Flash Mode: Offers precise control over power output for achieving the desired lighting effects.
  • Multi-Flash Mode: Capture stunning sequences of motion, like water splashes or dancers in mid-air, with rapid bursts of flashes.
  • High-Speed Sync (HSS): Synchronize flash with shutter speeds up to 1/8000s, allowing you to use wider apertures and create unique effects with ambient light.
  • Wireless X System: Enjoy seamless integration with other Godox flashes and triggers using the built-in 2.4 GHz wireless system, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables.

Designed for Efficiency and Convenience:

  • Integrated 40W LED Modeling Lamp: Preview your lighting setup and assess shadows before capturing the final image.
  • Large and Clear LCD Display: Provides easy access to settings and crucial flash information.
  • Bowens Mount Compatibility: Use a wide variety of light modifiers (softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots) from Godox and other manufacturers for creative light shaping.

Who is the Godox QT400 III For?

  • Portrait Photographers: Capture stunning portraits with precise lighting control and freeze sharp details.
  • Product Photographers: Achieve flawless product shots with consistent and powerful light.
  • Event and Fashion Photographers: Document fleeting moments with exceptional speed and versatility.
  • Strobe Photography Enthusiasts: Experiment with creative high-speed effects and explore the boundaries of light.

Things to Consider:

  • Manual Flash Only: The QT400 III operates in manual mode and lacks TTL functionality for automatic exposure.
  • Requires Separate Power Source: Requires a studio flash power pack for operation (sold separately).

Overall, the Godox QT400 III is a powerful and versatile studio flash unit that delivers exceptional speed, control, and creative possibilities. Its impressive features, user-friendly design, and compatibility with the Godox ecosystem make it a compelling choice for photographers of all skill levels looking to elevate their studio lighting.

Additional points:

  • Available in multiple versions with different plug types.
  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Includes a carrying pouch for storage and transport.

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