Ricoh GR III Digital Camera

Ricoh GR III Digital Camera

Product Highlights

  • - 10Mp Resolution
  • - 1/1.7" CCD Sensor
  • - SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot
  • - GR Lens
  • - Low Noise GR Engine III
  • - 3.0" LCD Display
  • - 4x Digital Zoom
  • - 640 x 480 Video Capture
  • - Multiple AE/AF Options
  • - RAW and JPEG Image Capture

  • The GR Digital III also puts forth some nice hardware features, including a 28mm, 1.9 GR Lens, a low-noise processing engine, and a 10Mp CCD sensor. The GR Digital III also features a 3.0" LCD, 4x digital zoom, multiple metering choices, and a built-in flash. In addition to snapping photos, the GR III also doubles as a video camera, taking 640 x 480 video.

    Seeking the Photographer's Ideal Lens: 28mm - f/1.9 GR Lens
    As photography lovers themselves, the developers focused all their passion and creative vision on the creation of a new lens of unprecedented power: the 28mm/f/1.9 GR Lens. If image quality is the priority, set a lower-than-ever ISO sensitivity. If capturing a shutter chance is the priority, set a higher-than-ever shutter speed. The 1.9 f/stop expands the freedom and scope of your photographic expression

    Pride of the GR Series: Superb optical performance:

    For Low-Noise, High-Res Images: GR Engine III

    Newly developed image processing engine GR ENGINE III enables precise noise reduction by processing the signal close to its CCD-output state. Various types of noise are effectively reduced while maintaining resolution and color saturation. Color reproduction and tonal gradation performance has also been significantly improved
    The Source of Superb Image Quality - 10Mp High-Sensitivity CCD and AFE
    With the new CCD, rather than increasing the number of pixels, we have about doubled sensitivity compared to the previous model (GR DIGITAL II). Even at ISO 200, imaging performance is at or above the old ISO 100 level. This higher ISO sensitivity makes a clear difference in image quality
    Suppressing Whiteout to Create "High-Reality" Images - Pixels Output Interpolation Algorithm
    Control whiteout with the pixel output interpolation algorithm, Ricoh's original image processing technique. Comparing the output of each pixel, the algorithm interpolates image data in whiteout areas. This expands dynamic range by up to +1 EV equivalent. Using this extensive data to generate the JPEG, even for 8-bit (256-tone) images, it is possible to create a more "real" look with less whiteout than in the past
    Fast AF is Strong in Low-Light Situations
    Smooth, quick AF is possible even in low-light scenes where contrast detection is necessary and focusing is generally slow. The excellent focusing response enhances shooting
    Full Press Snap to Grab that Shutter Chance
    With this quick-shooting function, AF operates when the shutter release button is pressed half way, but for a one-push full-press, the photo is taken at a set focal distance. (1m/2.5m/5m/infinity). This distance setting can be easily changed. Since the AF does not operate for a one-push full press, you will not miss the moment
    RAW Evolution: Continuous Shooting and High Write Speed
    With the expansion of buffer memory, continuous shooting of up to five images is possible even for RAW. This facilitates bracketing as well as the shooting of quickly moving subjects. The RAW card write speed has also been accelerated (under 3 seconds per image). These specs will help reduce your "shooting stress"
    Shutter Speed Priority AE Newly Added - Extensive Exposure Modes
    Shutter speed priority has been added to the existing modes (program shift, aperture priority, etc.). It is useful when you want to manipulate motion, such as when stopping subject movement or creating a feeling of energy in a panning shot
    New Macro Mode System Controls Field Curvature
    Minimum shooting distance is approximately 1cm. A new system was adopted in which one part of a lens group which does not move during normal focusing is shifted into a special position for close-up photography. This corrects the field curvature that tends to be a problem in close-up shooting with retro-focus wide-angle lenses. The result is superb imaging power across the entire photo
    Experience a Fresh Perspective - Aspect Ratio 1:1 Square Format Mode
    Shooting aspect ratio 1:1 photographs, the square format will expand your creative enjoyment with the fresh feel of the framing and the strong subject presence produced by limiting the image field. This format is also convenient for blog use
    Freely Dramatize Light and Shadow - Manual Flash Setting
    Flash amount can be set at 12 levels from full flash to 1/64, enabling you to balance flash intensity for both subject and background brightness. The subject's expression and presence can be emphasized while the background is obscured. Fine tune the settings to fit the ambient light conditions and your creative intentions
    Large Size and High Definition - 3.0" LCD Display
    Compared to the previous model, the LCD panel visibility has been further improved with a high VGA resolution and an expansive 3.0" size. The sRGB comparison for color reproduction range is 100%. This has significantly improved the visual reality of the image during framing, the ability to search images and check shooting data, and the ease of making function settings
    Bring a Stable Feel to the Image with Electronic Leveling
    When shooting landscapes and night scenes, visual clues for finding the level position can be missing or hard to see. The electronic level is very effective at such times. You can quickly find the precise level position, which will give a feeling of stability to the image. When the external viewfinder is attached, the level sound can be used to determine if the camera is tilted
    Save Up to Six Setting Patterns with the My Settings Box
    Up to six My Settings sets can be stored in the My Settings Box. Then you can just choose the set you need and quickly assign it to MY1, MY2, or MY3. You can also name each set yourself to make it easy to choose the correct one
    Direct Operation Enhanced with Two Fn Buttons
    There are now two Fn (function) buttons for one-push access to necessary functions. Assign frequently used functions to each
    More Efficient Image Checking - One-Push Playback Enlarged View
    In playback mode, you can display images at a previously defined magnification by just pushing the ADJ. lever once. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to change magnification level by level. Setting a magnification suitable to recorded image size and intended print size will speed up your image checking
    GR Design: Excellent Portability and Grip
    The GR DIGITAL III inherits a traditional design born to carry out the camera's true mission of always being ready for the next shot and reliably recording the result. Keeping the same pocketable form and hand-clinging grip, careful attention was given to enhancing quality and user-friendliness
    Magnesium Body for Superior Reliability
    A light and highly rigid magnesium alloy is used for a body that has strong shock resistance and durability. It also has excellent heat radiation and magnetic shielding characteristics, important features for a digital camera. This is a camera that can stand up to a photographer's "hard use," providing both reliability and high operation precision

    PixelsActual: 10.4 Megapixel
    Effective: 10 Megapixel
    Sensor1/1.7" CCD
    File FormatsStill Images: JPEG, RAW   Movies: MJPEG
    Lens8 Elements in 6 Groups
    2 Aspherical
    ZoomDigital: 4x
    ISO Sensitivity64 to 1600
    Shutter180 to 1/2000 Second

    Video RecordingYes, NTSC/PAL
    Built-In Memory88 MB
    Memory Card TypeSD, SDHC
    Screen3.0" LCD Rear Screen
    ConnectivityAudio Out
    BatteryDB-65 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Warranty 1 Year Service & Spareparts

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