Samyang AF 35-150mm f2-2.8 Lens For Sony E

Samyang AF 35-150mm f2-2.8 Lens For Sony E

Samyang AF 35-150mm f/2-2.8 Overview

Samyang AF 35-150mm f2-2.8 FE: A Versatile All-in-One Zoom for Sony E-Mount Shooters

The Samyang AF 35-150mm f2-2.8 FE lens is a compelling choice for Sony E-mount camera users seeking a versatile and fast zoom lens. Offering a broad focal range and a bright maximum aperture throughout most of the zoom range, it caters to a variety of shooting styles, from wide-angle landscapes to telephoto portraits.

Key Features:

  • Broad Focal Length (35-150mm): Covers a wide range of shooting scenarios, eliminating the need for frequent lens changes.
  • Fast Maximum Aperture (f2 at 35mm, f2.8 at 150mm): Excellent for low-light photography and achieving shallow depth-of-field for beautiful blurred backgrounds.
  • Linear Stepping Motor (STM): Enables smooth, quiet autofocus ideal for both stills and video recording.
  • Weather-Sealed Design: Protects the lens from dust and moisture, ensuring reliable performance in various conditions.
  • Minimum Focusing Distance of 0.33m (at 35mm): Allows for capturing close-up shots with pleasing perspective distortion.
  • Customizable Focus Buttons: Program different functions to the focus buttons for a personalized shooting experience.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: Makes it well-balanced on APS-C and full-frame Sony cameras, enhancing portability.


  • Versatility: A single lens covers wide-angle, portrait, and moderate telephoto needs, ideal for travel, events, and everyday shooting.
  • Fast Aperture: Enables capturing sharp images in low light and achieving creative bokeh effects.
  • Smooth Autofocus: Quiet and precise autofocus performance for seamless shooting.
  • Weather Resistance: Provides peace of mind when shooting outdoors in challenging environments.
  • Portable Design: Well-suited for travel photography and everyday carry.

Who is it for?

  • Travel photographers: Captures a wide range of scenes without needing to switch lenses.
  • Event photographers: Covers various aspects of an event, from wide establishing shots to candid portraits.
  • Content creators: Well-suited for YouTubers, vloggers, and content creators who need a versatile lens for different shooting situations.
  • Budget-minded photographers: Offers good value for its features and image quality compared to some Sony native lenses.
  • Aspiring photographers: A versatile lens to explore different photographic styles and hone their skills.

While the Samyang AF 35-150mm f2-2.8 FE might not offer the absolute fastest aperture or top-tier image quality of some professional lenses, it delivers a compelling combination of features and affordability. It's a great choice for Sony E-mount users seeking a versatile zoom lens for various photography applications.

Additionally, consider mentioning:

  • Optical image stabilization (This lens does not have built-in stabilization.)
  • Image quality at different focal lengths and apertures.
  • Comparison to similar Sony FE mount zoom lenses considering factors like price, weight, and image quality.
  • Availability of optional accessories like lens hoods and filters.

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