Zoom R16 MultiTrack Recorder

Zoom R16 MultiTrack Recorder


- Stand-Alone Multi-Track Recorder

- USB 2.0 Computer Interface & Controller

- Field Recorder & Portable Mixer

- AC or Battery Power for 5 Hours of Use

- Built-In Stereo Condenser Microphones

- Supports 32GB SD Cards

- Mac & Windows Compatible


The R16 from Zoom unites many different audio tools into a single powerful unit; it's a stand-alone multi-track recorder, and a USB 2.0 computer audio interface/control surface, as well as a battery powered field recorder & mixer. Whether you're recording a full band, working on an indie film, or just using the built-in mics to demo a new song on your acoustic guitar, you'll always have a use for the Zoom R16.

Using the R16 as a stand-alone recorder could mean many different things to different people. If you're a musician, this means that you can record a full live band and overdub up to 16 tracks, without ever touching a computer. If you're a film maker, you can record all of your lavalier and shotgun microphones in the field, and mix them to camera as well. If you're a photographer, you can record ambient sounds for use in a slide show presentation, and use the R16 as the playback device at the installation.

Using the R16 as a USB 2.0 audio interface to record into a computer also opens up different possibilities. Musicians can use it to track and mix with their favorite music production program, or use the included Cubase 4 LE software. Film makers and photographers can record voice overs and ADR (additional dialog recording) directly into their favorite non-linear editing programs like Final Cut Pro.

The control surface capabilities of the R16 will also benefit Final Cut Pro users (and other NLE programs). Its dedicated transport controls and jog/shuttle can be used to control the software, allowing the user to be less dependent on their mouse and keyboard. This is a huge benefit for musicians as well. Control surfaces help people focus on their creative work, rather than make them feel like they're checking their email.

With all of the potential uses and creative possibilities the R16 provides, it truly stands in a class of its own. When you factor in its budget-friendly price-tag, it really becomes an incredible option for any aspiring creative person.

- Stand-alone multi-track recorder and mixer, USB 2.0 computer audio interface and control surface

- Operates on AC or battery power, can be used as a field mixer & portable recorder

- Features built-in stereo condenser microphones, as well as inputs for 8 external microphones

- Supports up to 32GB SD Cards for over 100 hours of recording time

- Operates on bus power from USB when used as a computer interface/control surface

- Over 100 built-in effects, from guitar amp modeling to mastering effects

- Effects can be used when recording in stand-alone mode, or when recording into a computer

- USB port can be used to back-up projects on thumb drives

        - 8 microphone preamps, 2 with phantom             power, Hi-Z guitar/bass input.

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