Canon 16x Zoom XL 5.4mm-86.4mm Manual Servo Zoom Lens for XL1 & XL2 Camcorders

Deals Canon 16x Zoom XL 5.4mm-86.4mm Manual Servo Zoom Lens for XL1 & XL2 Camcorders

The Canon 5.4-86.4MM F/1.6 16X Zoom XL Mount Manual Video Lens is a manual lens which gives you the flexibility of calibrated power zoom, power iris, 2 built-in ND filters and calibrated manual focus. The 5.4-86.4mm f/1.6 lens is part of Canon's XL camcorder lens series

Focal Length: f5.4 - 86.4 mm (16x) F = 39 - 624 mm (equivalent to 35mm camera)
Lens Configuration: 13 groups, 17 elements (no aspherical elements).
Coating: Multi-coating
Zoom ratio: 16X
F number: F1.6
Mount: Bayonet mount with internal contacts/electronic mount. XL format system is standard 7-pin
External dimensions: 81 mm diameter x 158 mm (not including lens hood). Max. diameter
Filter Diameter: 72mm, P0.75 (hood filter diameter: 82mm, P0.75).
Color: Black
Mount diameter: 44 mm
Iris: Operated with aperture ring, six blades (auto-iris capability).
Power Supply: Power supplied by camera, 5.1 V - 10V.
Focus System: TV-AF (video signal AF) compliant, a manual focus ring
Current consumption: 300mA or less
Focusing: Operated with focus ring
Zoom: Operated with zoom ring, power zoom capability
Macro mechanism: Yes. Operated with the Macro button located on the zoom ring.
Flangeback adjustment mechanism: Yes. Operated with the flangeback adjustment ring.
ND Filter Switching Mechanism: Yes. Two-step density switching type filter (built-in type). *ND densities 0.8 (light volume approx 1/6) and 1.5 (light volume approx. 1/32).
Focusing Range: Entire zoom range: 1 m - infinity. Wide/macro: 50 mm - infinity.
Weight: Approx. 920 grams (without lens hood) * Lens hood: approx. 50 grams
Effective image size: 4.8 x 3.6 (1/3-inch CCD image size).
Angle of coverage: 
Wide: 47° 55' x 26° 52'
Tele: 3° 11' x 2° 23'
Close-up field of coverage     
Wide: 796 x 597 mm (diagonal 995 mm)
Tele: 52.1 x 38.9 mm (diagonal 64.9mm)
Wide/macro 71 x 53.2 mm (diagonal 88.7mm)

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