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Procore 16GB Smart Card 300X 45MB/S

Capacity     : 16GBSpeed         : Up to 45Mbps..

Rp. 210,000

Procore 32GB Smart Card 300X 45Mb/s

Capacity     : 32GBSpeed         : Up to 45Mbps..

Rp. 430,000

Procore 64GB Smart Card 300X 45Mb/s

Capacity    : 64GBSpeed        : Up to 45Mbps..

Rp. 650,000

Procore Lens Adapter NF-E1

Features:PROCORE NF-E1 allows Nikon F mount lenses to be used on Sony E mount cameras. with with ful..

Rp. 3,350,000

Procore Mount Adapter EF - E-mount Speedbooster

PROCORE lens adapter EF-E mount can allow the Canon EF series lens to be used perfectly on E-mount ..

Rp. 2,200,000

Procore SDHC PRO 60Mb/s 400x 16GB

Capacity    : 16GBSpeed        : Up to 60Mbps..

Rp. 220,000

Procore SDHC PRO 60Mb/s 400x 32GB

Capacity     : 32GBSpeed         : Up to 60Mbps..

Rp. 475,000

Procore SDHC PRO 60Mb/s 400x 64GB

Capacity    : 64GBSpeed        : Up to 60Mbps..

Rp. 725,000

Procore SDHC PRO 60Mb/s 400x 8GB

Capacity     : 8GBSpeed         : Up to 60Mbps..

Rp. 200,000