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Battery Sony 2BP-U60 2x Camera Battery For Sony PMW-F3K/F3L/EX1R/EX3

OVERVIEWThe BP-U60 (56 Wh) Lithium-ion Battery effectively supports professional video shooting in b..

Rp. 7,900,000

Battery Sony BP-GL 95 for DSR-250

The Sony BP-GL95 is a Lithium-Ion chemistry battery for professional camcorders and VTRs that accept..

Rp. 7,890,000

Battery Sony BP-GL65 Li-Ion V-Mount Battery with Info Function and 65 WH

ChemistryLi-Ion, Lithium-IonOutput Voltage14.4VConnectionSony V MountCapacity65 WhWeight1 lb. 3 oz.5..

Rp. 4,390,000

Battery Sony BP-U60 For Sony PMW-EX1/EX3

ChemistryLi-Ion, Lithium-IonOutput Voltage16.4 VDC/14.4 VDCConnectionSpecific to PMW-EX1 CamcorderCa..

Rp. 4,100,000

Battery Sony NP-BG1 (for Sony W series)

Sony NP-BG1 Rechargeable Battery Pack Small and lightweight, Sony`s type G Lithium-ion battery ..

Rp. 490,000

Battery Sony NP-BN1 For TX10 / TX20 / TX66 / W310 / W530 / W610 / W620 / W630 / W690 / W710 / W730 / WX50 / WX80 / WX100

 For TX10 / TX20 / TX66 / W530 / W610 / W620 / W630 / W690 / W710 / W730 / WX50 / WX80 / WX100S..

Rp. 429,000

Battery Sony NP-BX1 for RX100 / RX1 / HX300

Don't miss a precious shot due to a dead battery. Just slip this NP-BX1 LITHIUM-ION N battery into y..

Rp. 439,000

Battery Sony NP-F770L Series Info Lithium For NEX-FS100E, PXW-Z100, HXR-N5E, HVR-Z5E,

The  NP-F770 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack works with the same cameras as the Sony NP-F770 and ..

Rp. 1,360,000

Battery Sony NP-F970 for HD1000 / PD170 / PD177 / Z1 / Z5 / Z7 / HD700

Small and lightweight, Sony NP-F970 Info-Lithium Battery Pack (6300mAh) provides the advan..

Rp. 1,900,000

Battery Sony NP-F970/B InfoLithium L Series Rechargeable (2) Battery Package

The 2NP-F970/B is a rechargeable battery pack, which includes two units of NP-F970 and allows a comp..

Rp. 3,100,000

Battery Sony NP-FD1 / NP-BD1 for DSC-T70 / DSC-T200 / T300 & T2

This InfoLITHIUM battery sends remaining power information to your compatible Cyber-shot® digital ca..

Rp. 680,000

Battery Sony NP-FG1 for DSC-W200 / W35 / W50 / W70 / W80

 for DSC-W200 / W35 / W50 / W70 / W80There`s no need to feel powerless again when you carry an ..

Rp. 450,000

Battery Sony NP-FH100 for AC-VQH10, DCR-DVD103, DCR-DVD910, DCR-HC16, DCR-HC96, DCR-SR10

Our NP-FH100 battery is a replacement InfoLithium H Series super stamina battery for Sony AVCHD, Min..

Rp. 1,790,000

Battery Sony NP-FM500H for DSLR A100 / A200 / A300 / A350 / A700 / A550 / A580 / A77 / A99

 for DSLR A100 / A200 / A300 / A350 / A700 / A550 / A580 / A77 / A99Extend shooting times on yo..

Rp. 700,000

Battery Sony NP-FT1 for DSC-T1 / T5 / T33 / L1 / M1

Features:Give your DSC-T1 Digital Camera an extra kick with the NP-FT1 Rechargeable Battery Pack. Th..

Rp. 690,000

Battery Sony NP-FV100A for Sony SR68 / XR150 / XR350 / XR550 / XR 160 / NEX VG-10

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTSInfoLITHIUM V Series Handycam BatteryExtended Capacity ModelBattery Life Displayed..

Rp. 1,990,000

Battery Sony NP-FW50 for NEX5 / NEX5N / NEX5R / NEX-6 / NEXC3 / NEXF3 / NEX-3N / NEX7 / A33 / A55

There's no need to feel powerless when you've got an extra W Series rechargeable battery pack. Made ..

Rp. 850,000

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Designis a compact Super 16 forma..

Rp. 17,380,000

Canon Battery LP-E12 for EOS-M / 100D

ChemistryLithium-ionCapacity875 mAhFull charge @ 73°F/23°C: 230 stills, 1.5 hr video Full charg..

Rp. 860,000

Charger Sony BC-CSD for D/ T/ R and E Series

Sony Battery Charger BC-CSD for Sony D, T, R and E Series Rechargeable Batteries This Sony BC-CSD Re..

Rp. 350,000