Xiaoyi M1 Mirrorless Double Kit 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 & 42.5mm F1.8 International Version

Deals Xiaoyi M1 Mirrorless Double Kit 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 & 42.5mm F1.8 International Version

Small ants Micro Camera

Young's first intelligent micro-single

Since 1839 in France since the birth of photography, camera manufacturer in the field has been rarely seen Chinese people on the scene. Today, deep plowing in the field of intelligent imaging of small ants science and technology for many years, have taken up the domestic micro-camera manufacturing national flag, small ants micro-camera M1 turned out!

M4 / 3 sensor Sony IMX269 20.16 million pixels / 4K video Quality Pioneer Simple Design ID inimalist design The new class of smartphone UI

WiFi + BLE Bluetooth Instant Share Just to complete the operation phone Share Shooting template

Master accompanying Composition, and post-processing to set  a button to complete

Sony's latest IMX269 sensor

20.16 million effective pixels using Sony M4 / 3 system IMX269 sensor, reached a peak pixel M4 / 3 field, the ultimate details of the characterization and rich tonal transition performance for your photos.

Compact and lightweight minimalist appearance Small ants micro-camera M1 only two buttons plus a touch screen

BLE Bluetooth + WI-FI

Real-time connectivity Instant Share By maintaining low power Bluetooth connection with the camera often,To ensure that whenever you need to establish Wi-Fi connection to share images, Social property comes with a small ant micro-camera, to give you more free Internet experience.

Masters revolution accompanying portrait photography mode Minimalist lasso mode to get rid of the embarrassment pendulum Pose

When others are still burning money to buy equipment, racking their brains to learn photography techniques, small ants micro-camera, let you win at the starting line of intelligent micro-single. Master accompanied by industry-renowned portrait photographer think tanks, mass template updated in real time, photography road is no longer alone.

Small ants 42.5mm F1.8 portrait lens macro combo

135 equivalent combination of full-frame 85mm portrait head and similar 90mm macro head Small ants 42.5mm portrait macro head MTF curve Small ants 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 standard zoom lens

Small ants 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 wide angle end and the telephoto end MTF curve M4 / 3 lens mount standards-compliant rich group

Portrait of beautiful clean sweep

Use M4 / 3 mount, up to 50 a variety of rich lens group lens, you can shoot in the travel landscape, you can also shoot their family members, and even shoot professional photography theme, widely applicable, filling the can.

Body and Handling

The build quality of the YI M1 is really quite impressive for an entry-level ILC. It feels very well built in-hand and the majority of the components of the body itself appear to be constructed of a very sturdy composite material coupled with an all-metal lens mount. It's not weather-sealed at all, but nor are its rivals at this price.

In the hand

The camera features an anti-slip rubber grip, so holding it like this for long periods of time is very easy. The large 3" LCD screen makes composing images fairly simple.The dial located just to the right of the flash hot-shoe acts as your shooting mode selector. The red video record button can also be found in the center. The button just under the finger is used to adjust shutter speed and aperture.

The grip has an anti-slip rubber coating for easy handling and the mode dial is fairly easy to access and adjust with one hand while holding the camera. The main mode dial offers a variety of shooting modes including a 'super professional guide' that works with templates that you will be able to download from the YI app, which is still currently being developed. According to YI, you will be able to 'create high quality images just as you are having a master by your side.'

The video recording button can be found in the center of the mode dial. If you tap the button once it starts recording, which can be a bit problematic if you weren't actually wanting to record. There's no dedicated video mode and some of the capture modes have significant crops, so there's no way to preview your field-of-view before you hit record.

The camera's Micro-USB and Micro-HDMI ports can be accessed via the memory card slot door, and the camera utilizes SD/SDHC/SDXC format storage cards.

The Micro-USB and HDMI ports can be found in the same location as the memory card slot. This can be a bit cumbersome for charging the camera and leaves the memory card slot exposed. The YI M1 can utilize SD/SDHC/SDXC format storage cards.

User Interface

The concept of using a touchscreen almost exclusively isn't necessarily a new idea, and it would have been nice to include a few more buttons to make accessing frequently used functions such as AF modes and the ISO settings a bit easier. With that said, the 3" LCD touchscreen is very large and very responsive to the touch. Changing settings, swiping between menus, using the one-touch auto focus and shooting modes are all fairly effortless.

Since there are only 3 buttons and two dials on this camera, the menu layout and behavior is extremely important to its overall usability. There are two menus that you are able to navigate to by simply swiping your finger left or right on the main screen. If you swipe to the left you will have access to the five main JPEG shooting modes mentioned earlier, and if you swipe to the right you will enter the main menu screen.

The menu items are actually laid out nicely and are really quite easy to navigate (if a little reminiscent of another primarily touchscreen-operated camera). They almost look like App icons, similar to what you would see in a smartphone. The menu items that can be accessed are illuminated in white while the menu items that cannot be accessed are greyed out. If you plan to shoot in Raw, be aware that the HDR and Exposure Bracketing menus will all be inaccessible. Switching to JPEG shooting mode will allow you to utilize these three shooting modes in addition to the others in the main menu.

Navigating the sub-menus within the main menu items is very straightforward. The whole experience is similar to navigating the settings menus and apps in your phone - which is exactly what YI has set out to do.

Color modes

The YI M1 offers five JPEG color modes: a high contrast black and white mode, a standard black and white mode, portrait, vivid, and lastly a standard shooting mode. Unfortunately you currently aren't able to shoot Raw + JPEG, so you will have to decide which format you would like to shoot in before heading out with the camera (though this could be easily fixed through a firmware update).


In terms of autofocus the YI M1 has an 81-point contrast detect AF system with touch to focus and touch shutter. It also offers face detection and both AF-S and AF-C shooting modes. It's also important to note that the AF also lacks any sort of subject tracking outside of face detection.

Autofocus is possible during video capture; AF-C is automatically enabled while shooting video. Unfortunately, the YI lacks a dedicated AF control switch, which makes switching AF shooting modes a bit difficult. Novices coming to the YI may find they'll need to pay more attention to their autofocus point placement than they did with their smartphone.


The M1 has several video shooting modes- the highlight of which is its ability to shoot in 4K/30P. It also offers 2K/30P, Full HD 1080 and 720 at 60, 30 and 24P. Autofocus is available while shooting video in the form of single point AF-C, but if you're using the 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 zoom lens you will also have the ability to use manual focus with focus peaking, which can definitely come in handy because the autofocus is fairly slow to lock focus while in video mode.


Pixel 20 MP
Image Resolution 5184 x 3888
Video Resolution 4096 x 2060
Display Size 3"
Memory Card Type SD/SDHC/SDXC
Battery BXM-10 lithium-ion
Warranty 1 Year Service & Spareparts

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