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Baterai Kodak KLIC-7003

EASYSHARE M-Series, M380, M381, V-Series, V1003, V803, Z-Series Z950..

Rp. 160,000

Battery Chamber Cover BL-3 for MB-D10,MB-40

-W/ EN-EL4, EN-EL4a Batteries-Compatible w/ D700, D300, D300S, F6The Nikon BL-3 Battery Chamber..

Rp. 440,000

Battery Delkin For Canon DD/LP-E5

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)Canon Eos 500D,450D,1000D..

Rp. 350,000

Battery Maliba For Casio NP-50 NP-50DBA

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)EX-V7 SERIES / EX-V8 SERIES950..

Rp. 285,000

Battery Maliba For Fuji NP-50

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)1200..

Rp. 220,000

Battery Maliba For Kodak KLIC-7002

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)600..

Rp. 220,000

Battery Maliba For Kodak KLIC-7003

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)1050..

Rp. 220,000

Battery Maliba For Olympus Li-30B

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)645..

Rp. 220,000

Battery Maliba LP-E10

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)EOS-1100D860..

Rp. 424,000

Battery NP-80 for Casio EX-S5, EX-S6, EXZ33, EXZ550, EX-S7

This Casio NP-80 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery is compatible with the following Casio cameras:EX-..

Rp. 29,900

Battery Panasonic CGA-DU 21 Deals

Battery Panasonic CGA-DU 21

Compatible CamerasHitachiDZ-BD10DZ-BD7DZ-BD70DZ-GX5020DZ-GX5080DZ-HS300DZ-HS500DZ-MV730   ..

Rp. 400,000 Rp. 198,000

Battery Panasonic VW-VBK180 Lithium-Ion Deals

Battery Panasonic VW-VBK180 Lithium-Ion

The Panasonic VW-VBK180 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (1790mAh) is a spare or replacement ba..

Rp. 290,000 Rp. 200,000

Battery SDV For FUJI NP-85

Compatible KameraCapacity (mAh)Volt (V)..

Rp. 200,000

Battery Sony 2BP-U60 2x Camera Battery For Sony PMW-F3K/F3L/EX1R/EX3

OVERVIEWThe BP-U60 (56 Wh) Lithium-ion Battery effectively supports professional video shooting in b..

Rp. 7,900,000

Battery Sony NP-BX1 for RX100 / RX1 / HX300

Don't miss a precious shot due to a dead battery. Just slip this NP-BX1 LITHIUM-ION N battery into y..

Rp. 580,000