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Rode VideoMic Directional On-camera Microphone With Rycote Lyre

Introducing the new VideoMic™The RØDE VideoMic is everything you need to record crystal clear audio ..

Rp. 1,235,000

Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight On-Camera Microphone

Product Highlights·         Lightweight at Only 2.6 Oun..

Rp. 1,099,000

Rode VideoMic Me Directional Mic For Smart Phones

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Lightweight at Only 1.2 Ounce..

Rp. 745,000

Rode VideoMic Me-C Directional Microphone for Android Coming soon

Rode VideoMic Me-C Directional Microphone for Android

Key FeaturesFor Mobile Video or Mobile VOShotgun-Style Mic with USB-C ConnectorIncluded Mic Clip &am..

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Rode VideoMic Me-L Directional Microphone for iOS Devices

Product HighlightsPlugs Directly into iOS DevicesLightning Connect & 3.5mm Headphone OutCardioid..

Rp. 890,000

Rode Videomic NTG On Camera Shotgun Microphone

ACOUSTIC & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONSAcoustic PrinciplePressure gradient electret condenserPolar ..

Rp. 3,529,000

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Directional On-Camera Microphone With Rycote Lyre Shock Mounting Onboard

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS ·   Broadcast Quality Condenser Microphone ·   Rycot..

Rp. 2,385,000

Rode VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On Camera Microphone

Product Highlights-Improved RF-Immunity Over Previous Model- 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response- Ryc..

Rp. 3,735,000

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Compact Size and Lightweight·&n..

Rp. 745,000

Rode VXLR Minijack 3.5mm To XLR Adaptor

The VXLR from Rode Microphones is an adapter that converts a 3.5mm mini jack input to a male XLR out..

Rp. 140,000

Rode Wireless Go

SpecificationsACOUSTIC & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONTransmission type2.4GHz Digital Frequency Agile..

Rp. 2,348,000

Rode Wireless GO II

The world’s smallest and first truly wireless microphone has been reborn. The Wireless GO II is an u..

Rp. 4,295,000

Rode WS6 Deluxe Windshield

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Fits Rode NTG2, NTG1, NTG4 an..

Rp. 720,000

Rode WS7 Deluxe Wind Shield

The RØDE WS7 Deluxe Windshield is an easy to use high-performance windshield for shotgun microphones..

Rp. 810,000

Rode WS9 Deluxe Windshield for Rode VideoMicro & VideoMic Me

The WS9 from Rode is a deluxe microphone windshield for the Rode VideoMicro and..

Rp. 225,000

RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS·         Includes Transmitter, Receive..

Rp. 4,529,000