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Godox Mini Master Kit K-150

Mini Master Kit K-150 Godox Kits :2X Mini MAster Studio Flash K1502X Light Stand WT-8032x Mini Softb..

Rp. 2,590,000

Godox Mini Master Kit K-180

In The Box :Mini Master Studio Flash 180 GODOX (2 Unit)Lightstand WT-803 (2 Unit)Mini Softbox SB-MS ..

Rp. 2,690,000

Godox Mini Photo Studio Kit LSD40

Features:Unique design, good quality and easy installation.Standard color temperature: 5500K color t..

Rp. 840,000

Godox Mini Photo Studio Kit LSD60

A shooting tent, silver inside with its own light source (two LED strips with the ability to change ..

Rp. 1,090,000

Godox Mini Photo Studio Kit LST80

LED mini photography studio is suitable for macro, still life photography and product shooting with ..

Rp. 1,730,000

Godox Mini Pioneer Kit K-160

In The Box :2X Mini Pioneer Studio Flash 160 Godox2X Light Stand WT-8032x Mini Softbox SB-MS1X Trige..

Rp. 2,450,000

JINBEI DDJ-70 Background Light Stand

Garansi: Non Warrantytinggi: 40cm (minimum) - 70cm (maksimum)..

Rp. 320,000

JINBEI EC-400 Studio Flash

EC series studio flash,gather technical kernel,connect practicality with sententiousness perfectly. ..

Rp. 3,465,000

JINBEI EC-V400 Studio Flash

Features:Metal cover is firm and durable. Lock device can be embedded in both top -and bottom slidew..

Rp. 2,980,000

JINBEI Focus Reflector

Focus reflector for Jinbei. Coverage : 65° Jinbei bayonet mount (also compatible with Bowens)...

Rp. 340,000