Stabilizer Kamera

Stabilizer Kamera

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Nebula 4500 5-Axis Slant Gyroscope Stabilizer

Special Slant Design - No Blocking Screen While Shooting As for a new Nebula 4500 updated from ..

Rp. 13,199,000

Nebula 5100 3-Axis Lite Handheld Gimbal Built-In Encoder

Nebula 5100 3-axis gimbal FeaturesNew High-Torque motors with built-in encodersUp to 2.5kgs/5.5 lbs ..

Rp. 7,560,000

Obbo S40 Handheld Stabilizer

Product description The small and exquisite stabilizer weights only 2.1 KG, which is made of hig..

Rp. 1,300,000

Rollin Mini Carbon Fiber Handheld Stabilizer

ModelRollin Mini Carbon Fiber Handheld StabilizerNet Weight620g(not included counter weight)Max. Len..

Rp. 2,495,000

Sevenoak SK-C01 Pro Cam Cage

Features:Portable DSLR Mount           Increa..

Rp. 1,330,000

Sevenoak SK-C01A Adapter

SK-C01A Connect AdapterThe SK-C01A adapter is a universal mini optional adapter that allows you to c..

Rp. 48,000

Sevenoak SK-C01MA Monitor Adapter

SK-C01MA Monitor AdapterThe SK-C01MA is a universal optional monitor adapter. You can mount your mon..

Rp. 300,000

Sevenoak SK-F01 Follow Focus

Features    Both sides drive gear fitting as per lens convenience. Easily removable d..

Rp. 1,150,000

Sevenoak SK-GT02 Slider 120cm

Features    47.2" (120cm) long track    Sets up in minutes  ..

Rp. 1,325,000

Sevenoak SK-R01 Shoulder Support

Information Ideal for use with small digital SLR cameras and prosumer camcorders Can suppo..

Rp. 500,000

Sevenoak SK-R02 Shoulder Mount Rig

Sevenoak accessories. Or you can personalize your rig to exactly meet your needs, and grow your rig ..

Rp. 1,850,000

Sevenoak SK-R04 Chest Support

Features:Compact DSLR Support RigRubberized HandgripFlexible BaseplateComfortable Body PadPortable d..

Rp. 1,350,000

Sevenoak SK-R05 Adjustable Shoulder Rig

K-R05 is an adjustable shoulder rig for supporting your video cameras and other photo equipments. It..

Rp. 1,500,000

Sevenoak SK-W02 Stabilizer

Spesification :The SK-W02 is video stabilizer system designed to reduce shake and stabilize video on..

Rp. 590,000

Stabilizer VV-12

1) Material: Aluminum alloy + stainless steel weights + sponge handle2) Maximum load: 1.5kg3) Port S..

Rp. 450,000


SteadePod™Attach a SteadePod to your camera and take shots you never thought you could without a tri..

Rp. 80,000

Steadycam DSL-05 Deals

Steadycam DSL-05

         The smallest and lightest hand-held stabilizer availablety  ..

Rp. 1,500,000 Rp. 1,380,000

Steadycam S-60

Product description:Smaller, lighter, faster has become the industry trend in DSLR cameras and video..

Rp. 1,415,000

Sunrise CS-209A Fly Camera Stabilizing System Deals

Sunrise CS-209A Fly Camera Stabilizing System

SUNRISE Fly Camera Stabilizing Systems All-aluminum precision CNC machined construction, durabl..

Rp. 1,999,000 Rp. 2,690,000

Sunrise DS-503 Deals

Sunrise DS-503

Feature·    Lightweight, portable and flexible design·    Ex..

Rp. 150,000 Rp. 199,000