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Slik 700 DX Head

Special 4-way pan head - normal 3-way plus movement of round type quick release shoe...

Rp. 2,520,000

Slik 800 Head

Large quick release shoe for sure and easy camera mounting, plus a rotating feature which adds to mo..

Rp. 975,000

Slik AF 1100 E Pistol Grip

The Slik AF-1100 Pistol Grip with Quick Release Ballhead is marketed by Slik as the Digital Little B..

Rp. 1,250,000

Slik AF 2100 Pistol Grip

Slik  AF-2100 has a unique patented single action pistol grip.  Simply squeeze the tr..

Rp. 1,480,000

Slik SBH 100 DQ Head

The Slik SBH-100 DQ Compact Ballhead 100 with Quick Release is a compact and lightweight ballhead th..

Rp. 390,000

Slik SBH 280E Head

The Slik SBH-280 is made from finely machined and carefully anodized hardened aluminum parts that ar..

Rp. 1,750,000

Slik SH 705 Head

The Slik SH-705 is a 3-way pan/tilt tripod head that will support a 35mm or digital pro SLR camera s..

Rp. 500,000

Slik SH 706 Head

The Slik SH-706 is a durable, all-metal 3-way pan/tilt tripod head that will support a full pro 35mm..

Rp. 570,000