SoftBox, Reflector & Umbrella GoldenShell

SoftBox, Reflector & Umbrella GoldenShell

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JINBEI Standard Reflector Fit HoneyComb

Standard reflector for Jinbei. Diameter : 18cmCoverage : 55°Required when using with the Barndo..

Rp. 231.000

JINBEI Wide Angle Reflector

Wide angle reflector. Required when using the light with a mounted umbrella. Jinbei bayonet mount (a..

Rp. 195.000

Paket Studio Jinbei ECD-V800 With Softbox

In The Box :2X Jinbei ECD-V8002x Jinbei Softbox 80X1202x Fancier Black Colorlight W-8062X Digital Tr..

Rp. 13.800.000

Reflector Board 5 in 1 (102 x 153 )

Specifications :5-in-1 & 5 colors Ellipse Reflector Disc It has 5 colors reflector,Black,Wh..

Rp. 550.000